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Voice Over Coach of the Week: Deb Munro

July 29, 2013 by


This week, I had the pleasure of getting to know voice over actress and coach Deb Munro. Deb is a highly sought after and respected coach in the voice over world. Her methods and materials have been endorsed by some of the top talent in the USA and Canada. Throughout the interview, I discovered we […]

Voice Over and The Common Cold: What’s A Talent To Do?

May 29, 2013 by


I’ve had a head cold this week. Fortunately, it wasn’t one of those butt-kicking man colds. But it was enough that the congestion affected my voice, and therein, my ability to work. I mentioned a day or two ago on Twitter that because my cold was keeping me from recording voice overs, I was taking […]

Keep it Simple & Save Your Sanity

May 16, 2013 by


Have you ever worked on a script that initially seemed really simple to do but turned out to be way more complicated than you ever imagined? It may have seemed simple for a number of reasons. Maybe it was short, well written or was the type of read you normally excel at. Then you get […]

5 Tips for Working with First Time Voice-Over Clients

May 11, 2013 by


When a first time voice seeker comes to you for a job, there’s a chance they’ve done their research. They may know exactly what they’re looking for and how the process works from script delivery to audio delivery to payment. There is also a chance that they won’t have a clue! If they’re in the […]

A Simple Phone Patch Solution

April 6, 2013 by


How many times have you received an audition opportunity and in the instructions read, “Phone patch is required,” or “Client must be able to direct over the phone?” I’ve been doing voice over work online for years. I work consistently. In all that time, I’ve only done one job where a phone patch was required. […]

Not Satisfied With Your Voice Over Career? Try This…

February 27, 2013 by


You don’t book enough work. You don’t make enough money. You don’t have any big clients. You don’t get any high paying gigs. You don’t have enough auditions. There are all kinds of things you aren’t happy about in your voice over career. All kinds of things you’d like to see changed. Let me ask […]

More Profile Dos and Don’ts

February 20, 2013 by


I recently wrote a blog about 2 very common profile mistakes that cause SmartCast to overlook you. Now, I would like to give some tips on things that get voice seeker’s attention in a positive way, as well as some things that are serious turn-offs. Keep Your Experience Voice-over Related If you have a long […]