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Small But Cool Changes at Voice123

March 3, 2013 by


Hey everyone! Quick little post here… There have been some changes at Voice123 that I wanted to share with you. Voice123 is now compatible with mobile devices. Instead of building a native application for Android or iOS, we are using the latest technology to make our site compatible with the standards for HTML5. So, a […]

What’s Next for Voice123

February 2, 2013 by


It has been silent here on the blog this past week. We all miss Steven! We know you do too. So, everyone wants to know…what now? Steven has left, but the great work he has done for Voice123 remains. Going forward, we will be working as hard as ever to maintain our high standard of […]

Small change to Voice123 by adding a new language

January 24, 2013 by


Do you know any voice actors who speak Malaysian? Well, we added that to the matching criteria in the search feature, and profiles. The main reason being, strangely enough, after a large amount of requests came in asking for voice actors who speak “Malay”. A small, quick change…but something we have to mention. You can […]

Subtle kind of updates this week at Voice123

January 11, 2013 by


If you follow this blog, you know we recently announced many changes were coming to Voice123 this year. We also introduced you to the man behind such tasks, and had to point out that some of these changes would be subtle. Others would be hard to miss. When you get right down to the nuts […]

“WANT” and “NEED” are two different things

January 4, 2013 by


My wife Michelle is very, VERY wise.  Of course, some people might debate that as she has stuck by my side for nearly 20 years now!  All kidding aside, she is constantly reminding me that “want” and “need” are two very different things. As the Head of User Experience for Voice123, I have 2 main […]

Is it time for a new union of voice artists?

August 28, 2012 by


The voice-over industry has dramatically changed during the previous decade. The unions, guilds, and associations that try to help voice talents have failed to keep up with the changes, not just in new media, but also in their knowledge and acceptance of new markets and technologies. Is it time for a new union of voice […]

Answering your questions about Premium Platinum Subscriptions

August 11, 2012 by


Earlier this week, Voice123 announced that they will now offer a Premium Platinum Subscription. Your questions came in throughout the week, so I figured we can answer them in one big shot! “Why do you appear to be “soft selling” this, when it seems like something many would want?” Simply put… Price, responsibility, transparency, and […]