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Small change to Voice123 by adding a new language

January 24, 2013


Do you know any voice actors who speak Malaysian? Well, we added that to the matching criteria in the search feature, and profiles. The main reason being, strangely enough, after a large amount of requests came in asking for voice actors who speak “Malay”. A small, quick change…but something we have to mention. You can […]

Goodbye from me to the voiceover community

January 24, 2013


It is with the deepest regret, and heaviest of heart, that I must say goodbye to Voice123. Since July 2007, I worked in Voice123 on a mission. My mission was to work my hardest to make sure that voice talent were paid well, voice seekers were happy, and all communications came through a staff that […]

Voice actor review of StudioBricks by Jerry Pelletier

January 21, 2013


Jerry Pelletier wrote Voice123 recently to let us know he had purchased a booth from the company, StudioBricks. He contributes to this blog today, a review of his experience. Voice Actor Review of StudioBricks by Jerry Pelletier “StudioBricks of Barcelona, Spain is getting quite a bit of BUZZ in the voiceover community.¬† I reached out […]

Reasons No One Answers Your Emails

January 18, 2013


Did you ever email someone, and then spend days wondering why they never wrote you back? I have come to see many reasons people do not answer emails. In the process, I found almost all the reasons someone did not¬†answer an email, was completely avoidable. I also found strange reasons emails between users of Voice123 […]

Voice actors can see how Voice123 really works

January 17, 2013


Did you know that 65% of people who use websites, prefer to get their information about the website from someone other than customer service? Well, Voice123 can guarantee you that the info we share will help voice actors get voiceover work, or even find the best voice actors on Voice123 for your part. Our staff […]

The three most unexpected places I learned how to survive the voiceover industry

January 15, 2013


Back in 1992, I remember starting out in the voiceover business was a combination of “taking classes in an expensive college as a theatre major” while listening to people tell me, “You can’t do voiceovers.” or “If you really want to do voiceovers, you have a lot to learn.” It is funny how the personality […]

Subtle kind of updates this week at Voice123

January 11, 2013


If you follow this blog, you know we recently announced many changes were coming to Voice123 this year. We also introduced you to the man behind such tasks, and had to point out that some of these changes would be subtle. Others would be hard to miss. When you get right down to the nuts […]