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Five “Must Haves” on Your Voice Over Invoices

July 25, 2013


Part of being a professional voice actor is being professional in how you conduct your business. It really is a package deal. You can’t have one without the other. How you conduct your business is going to directly impact how much business you enjoy. One of the foundational pieces of any business, including your voice […]

Five Pronunciation Tips For Voice Actors

July 11, 2013


We’ve all had a script before with that one word (or two, or three or ten) that we had no clue how to pronounce. It could be a medical term, a company name or even an individuals name. So what’s a voice actor to do? 5 Pronunciation Tips For Voice Actors 1) Pronunciation Guide: Ask […]

The Other Golden Rule of Voice Over

June 18, 2013


Everybody knows the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Whether you’re a Christian, believe in God, or have Jesus as your homeboy, everybody knows the Golden Rule and you don’t need to be religious in any capacity to know that it’s great advice! It works in every aspect […]

Voice Over and The Common Cold: What’s A Talent To Do?

May 29, 2013


I’ve had a head cold this week. Fortunately, it wasn’t one of those butt-kicking man colds. But it was enough that the congestion affected my voice, and therein, my ability to work. I mentioned a day or two ago on Twitter that because my cold was keeping me from recording voice overs, I was taking […]

5 Tips for Working with First Time Voice-Over Clients

May 11, 2013


When a first time voice seeker comes to you for a job, there’s a chance they’ve done their research. They may know exactly what they’re looking for and how the process works from script delivery to audio delivery to payment. There is also a chance that they won’t have a clue! If they’re in the […]

A Simple Pronunciation Tip

April 26, 2013


Have you done this before? You get a script from a client, look it over and note several names or words that you think might trip you up. Perhaps that client has written a pronunciation guide in the script. Perhaps they haven’t. To be on the safe side, and prevent yourself from a round of […]

5 Accounting Tips for your Voice Over Business

April 12, 2013


As a voice actor, I’m going to assume that you’re more of a creative type by nature. Makes sense. As a result of your creative nature, I’m also going to assume that you really don’t like doing bookwork. You likely avoid it like an audiobook project that pays $25. Can’t blame you for that.However, keeping […]