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Is it time for a new union of voice artists?

August 28, 2012


The voice-over industry has dramatically changed during the previous decade. The unions, guilds, and associations that try to help voice talents have failed to keep up with the changes, not just in new media, but also in their knowledge and acceptance of new markets and technologies. Is it time for a new union of voice […]

Meet Henry, our new project manager for Voice123 version 3.0

April 7, 2011


By now you probably realized that the TurboSmartCast video was a hoax. The end of the video, however, is for real: Voice123 version 3.0. We already started work on it. It will include many improvements you have requested. For example: SmartCast will be simpler to understand (I promise!!!), it will be iPad compatible, it will […]

Voice123 has a new motto: voice it like you dream it!

February 3, 2011


Voice123 held a contest recently for ‘Change the Voice123 Motto’. The many ideas proposed echoed the passion and drive of the voice over community. Our team found this process inspiring to say the very least. You can see the motto on our Facebook page for Voice123, and Voice123 homepage. “Voice it like you dream it” […]

Check out Voice123’s new Youtube channel

January 31, 2011

2’s Youtube channel has changed. The reason? We wanted to give it a professional look for voice seekers, who have posted jobs on Voice123. You can see our page here. This channel displays work of voice jobs booked on Voice123, posted only with the expressed consent of you, the voice seeker. If you have posted […]

Gisella joins our team as Chief Handywoman Officer

January 26, 2011


This year started with the addition of a new geek member to our team: Gisella Borja, a.k.a. Gigi. Gigi will be in charge of the technical operations of Voice123. This includes many responsibilities; enough that her official role is ‘Chief Handywoman Officer’. For example, she will make sure that our servers are always up and […]

Voice123’s blog revamped

January 21, 2011


Voice123 has made some cool changes to the Voice123 blog. The community deserves a resource that echoes the drive and passion of the great people in the voice over industry, that is easy to read, organize, and share the community’s voice. We also seek blogs from the community to bring more voices to the forefront; […]