Infographic: Voice123 celebrates 10 years of voice over work

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When Alex Torrenegra and Tania Zapata founded in their Queens apartment 10 years ago, they had no idea they would be changing the voice over industry forever. What started as an experiment to help Tania get more voice over work turned into the world’s first and largest voice over website, with over 120,000 projects posted and over 100,000 voice actors registered.

We recently surveyed this huge database of voice actors and voice seekers to discover the heart of Voice123’s success and plan a roadmap for the future of the website. Of course, we had to create a cool infographic with all the juicy stuff! Click to see full size image:

voice over work infographic

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10 years of voice over work on

Then and Now

July 2003 – Alexander Torrenegra and Tania Zapata create 3,993 voice actors register the first year. 975 projects are posted the first year.

July 2003 – First voice actor registers. “Voice123 led me into the new era of the voice producer and my membership is still an essential tool in earning my living.” –  Aaron Meza, Voice123’s first voice actor and current premium member.

November 2006 – SmartCast (Voice123’s patented “smart matching” technology) is launched. 60% of premium subscribers say that SmartCast is the best feature of Voice123.

February 2009 – Customer service hours are extended to keep up with the global demand.

January 2011 – The 100,000th voice actor registers.

June 2012 – Voice123 CEO and co-founder, Alex Torrenegra, wins “Innovator of the Year” from MIT’s Technology Review

October 2012 – 100,000th is project posted

Today – 128,800 voice actors are registered and 128,276 projects have been posted

Voice actors around the world

Voice123 voice actors by country:

United States – 85,268

United Kingdom – 8,130

Canada – 5,445

India – 1,704

Australia – 905

Mexico – 430

Colombia – 389

Argentina – 247

South Africa – 233

Japan – 141

Russia – 68

Cool Stuff about voice over work on Voice123

63% of voice seekers request under 50 auditions per project

Most projects posted by one voice seeker – 393

63% of premium subscribers use everyday

20% of standard subscribers use Voice123 everyday

6% of voice seekers use Voice123 everyday

86.1% of voice seekers have recommended Voice123

Shortest audition ever requested – just the single word “Agus”

Most popular names for voice actors:

Michael – 1,853

David – 1,693

John – 1,678

Voice actors named Fred – 116

A few cool projects posted on Voice123

Pixar casts the voice of Spanish Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 3

MTV finds the live announcer for the MTV Music Awards

Warner Brothers casts the voice of “Skynet” for Terminator: Salvation promotions

Some cool companies that post projects on Voice123


Rosetta Stone

Electronic Arts


Universal Home Entertainment


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