Voice123 voice actor’s tips for booking voiceover work

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Recently, voice actor Ross Huguet was hired through Voice123 to be the voice of a really cool promo video for the 14th international Beethoven piano competition in Vienna, Austria.  The voice seeker who posted the project was impressed with Ross’ work and in a blog about the project he says,

For almost instant, good quality voice over, I’ve used voice123.com. It’s a very simple process of submitting a project, saying how much you are willing to pay and asking candidates to offer their services. The person I chose (Ross Huguet) was very responsive and did his best to support the project.

Voice123 Voice actor ross huguet

Voice123 voice actor Ross Huguet

I reached out to Ross to ask about his experience and for some advice that could benefit our other voice actors on Voice123.

TT: Voice123 brings in a wide variety of clients, from seasoned video producers and production houses, to marketing interns and students who need voices. What was it like working with this client?

RH: Enjoyable. He has a lot of experience and brings a European flavor to the work. He showed his appreciation for my work by giving me credit on the film and in the article posted on his company website with a link to my website.

TT: Voice actors should keep in mind that each audition is like a mini-job interview or perhaps, even a first date! Clients are interested in more than just your voice. They want to know if you’re easy to work with, your turnaround time, your level of professionalism, etc. Any tips for other voice actors auditioning on Voice123?

RH: Respond quickly.  Give two versions.  One as requested by the client and one read the way you think it should be read.  Tell the listener up front in your name slate that you will be giving them two reads.  At the end, thank them for listening. The comments should be brief.  Your contact info, your redo policy, your turn around time, your commitment to 100% client satisfaction.

TT: Are you happy with your Voice123 premium membership?

RH: Yes.  It has helped me kick start my voice over business.  Though I do not submit as many auditions per day anymore, its good to know there are so many great opportunities available here every day to choose from.  I feel like a kid in a candy store.

Check out the video Ross voiced for the 14th international Beethoven piano competition:


Did you book a cool job on Voice123 that you’d like to feature? Email tara.tyler@voice123.com! And be sure to share your tips in the comments.