Persist in the Right Direction!

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Persistence always pays off, but only when it’s in the right direction. If you’ve auditioned hundreds of times and haven’t booked a thing, chances are, your continued persistence will not change anything until you find out where you’re missing the mark.

Be persistent in solving the problem, not in continuing the behavior that is failing to bring you results.

If your persistence has not paid off, stop and re-evaluate what you’ve been doing.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is your delivery unique?

I listen to the auditions that come in for specific jobs. Many times, the reads all have a very similar delivery. The auditions that get “Finalist” rankings are the ones that really break the mold and sound genuine. If you want your audition to stand out, connect to the message. Understand what the client is trying to accomplish and let that guide your decisions for delivery. This point gets overlooked a lot. Script analysis is more important than most people realize! It makes all the difference in the world.

Are you paying attention to the project details?

It is tempting to believe that auditioning is a numbers game and that, if you just audition for as many things as possible, you will eventually hit pay dirt. This is a myth. While it’s true that you should audition regularly, you should also hold off on jobs that do not match your abilities. Pay attention to what the project specs are. Be honest with yourself! Are you able to give the seeker what they are looking for? If not, focus your energies on the next audition that DOES match your abilities. Putting forth energy into something that isn’t meant for you, takes away from the opportunities that ARE right for you!

Are you using a less than professional audio set-up?

I say this a lot, I know, but it is important so I will continue to bring it up. Your audio quality is a huge factor in the audition process. Again, quantity will not matter until you pay attention to quality. If you have no acoustic treatment in your studio space, echo is pretty much a guarantee. Invest in your equipment before you ask others to hire you. Have an understanding of audio editing and use professional programs. Believe me, they don’t have to cost as much as you might think. For Windows users, I recommend Sony Soundforge. While the pro version is pretty expensive, you can use the “lite” version called “Audio Studio” for about $70.00. If you’re on a MAC, get Twisted Wave! It’s about $80.00. Both are great programs!

Upgrading your equipment and having good acoustic treatment makes such an enormous difference in quality.  It doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars, but it will take some sort of investment. If this is your career, then the investment is worth it!

There is more that I could add to this list, but these are things I see literally everyday!

Success comes from persisting in the things that really matter.

Persist in improving! Then, persist in auditioning!

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SONY DSC Michelle Falzon is a Voice Over Talent and a Voice123 Casting Ninja