Small But Cool Changes at Voice123

Posted on March 3, 2013 by


Hey everyone!

Quick little post here…

There have been some changes at Voice123 that I wanted to share with you.

Voice123 is now compatible with mobile devices. Instead of building a native application for Android or iOS, we are using the latest technology to make our site compatible with the standards for HTML5.

So, a few months ago we replaced the old fashioned PayPal button on the talent profile page, with ones that have a much sleeker design. We are now working on replacing all of the players that are Flash based, for a new version in HTML5. You have probably already noticed the changes!

Most browsers support HTML5. If your browser does not support HTML5, using Flash Player will still work.

We are also aiming at creating a new graphic design that makes our site easier to navigate on smaller screens (phones or tablets).

Of course, more changes are on the way. Just wanted to keep everyone updated!


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