Two Common Profile Mistakes That Cost You Work…and How to Fix it.

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Ever wonder why you aren’t getting as many invites as you’d like? I get emails everyday from people who are puzzled (or furious) as to why they weren’t invited to certain auditions.
Often times, the reason goes back to what you have (or do not have) in your profile.
First, let me say that having your profile sections filled out completely and properly is absolutely required. If you have areas that are blank, you will get overlooked.
Here are 2 very common profile mistakes that cause talent to get overlooked by SmartCast:
1. “Pre-, Post- and Production Services.”
This one is huge. Please, make sure you have this section filled out properly. If not, you will get overlooked.
Log into your account and click on “My Profile.” Then click on “My Voice Details.”
Scroll down to “Pre-, Post- and Production Services.” Have you left some things unchecked here? This section is so important. Are you proficient at editing? Most users of Voice123 are. If so, you must place a checkmark next to “I can deliver edited and finished voice tracks.” A large majority of auditions require this. If you do not have this checked, SmartCast assumes you can’t do it and doesn’t invite you. This one simple detail makes all the difference in the world!
Also under this section is “I can provide voice direction.” Many people leave this unchecked because they’re unsure of what it means. Voice direction means that you know how to interpret a script and make decisions on how something should be read. It also means that, if need be, you can direct other talent. This area should be checked if this is something you are comfortable doing.

2. Filters
This is very common. In fact, it is so common, that even if you have been on the site for years, I urge you to look at this anyways.
When you have your “My Voice Details” page open, scroll all the way down to the very bottom. You will see an area labeled “Voice123 SmartCast Matching Filters.”
This allows you to opt out of receiving certain invites. This might be helpful if you do not want to be invited to jobs that are considered low budget. To opt out, you simply place a checkmark next to each one that you do NOT want to receive. If you want to be invited to everything, you would leave all of these unchecked.
People get confused here and mistakenly place a check mark next to each one, thinking they are opting themselves IN, when they have mistakenly opted themselves OUT! Please look at this on your profile and make sure you have it set correctly.
Also, many people opt out of receiving invites that are “Flexible.” Flexible just means that the seeker presents a price range instead of a fixed budget. This does not mean the job is low budget. In fact, many jobs marked flexible are high budget. So be sure you have not opted out of receiving invites to “Flexible” jobs. If you have, you are passing up higher paying auditions, guaranteed.

Check these things and make sure the rest of your profile is in good shape!


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SONY DSC Michelle Falzon is a Voice Over Talent and a Voice123 Casting Ninja