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It has been silent here on the blog this past week. We all miss Steven! We know you do too. So, everyone wants to know…what now?

Steven has left, but the great work he has done for Voice123 remains.

Going forward, we will be working as hard as ever to maintain our high standard of customer care, which is where I come in!   Some of you have heard about me, some may not have.

Let me introduce myseIf. My name is Tania Zapata and I co-founded Voice123 along with my husband, Alex Torrenegra, almost ten years ago in 2003. Wow! I can’t believe it’s been that long! It seems like only yesterday when we launched the site out of our studio in Flushing, NY.

I have been a voiceover talent since 1997. I started in a small Hispanic radio station in Miami- Florida. After leaving radio to pursue my freelance career, I realized that finding jobs within the industry was going to be a hard task, especially in Spanish (which is my native language). This is why Voice123 was born; out of necessity. We never thought it was going to become the “go-to” place to find voice over talents, nonetheless we are very proud of it. 🙂

I was the CEO of Voice123 from it’s inception until December of 2005, when I stepped aside to continue pursuing my Bachelors in film and video. Throughout the years, I kept doing voice over work (I still do. You can listen to some of my demos here http://voice123.com/tania) and added documentary filmmaking to my resume.

I felt it was time to come to back to “our baby” and give more. As of last month I took over the leadership of Voice123.

We have a lot of exciting things prepared for 2013. We will be sharing them with you as they are implemented. We want to thank you, our subscribers, for all of your recommendations in improving our site. We exist to help you book work and your opinion matters.

This is just to say “stay tuned” and thank you …

PS: Oh, did I mention we moved to San Francisco? We really love the new Voice123 headquarters!

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