Goodbye from me to the voiceover community

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It is with the deepest regret, and heaviest of heart, that I must say goodbye to Voice123.

Since July 2007, I worked in Voice123 on a mission. My mission was to work my hardest to make sure that voice talent were paid well, voice seekers were happy, and all communications came through a staff that believed in honesty, kindness, integrity, moral ethics, and believed in the voice over industry. All I can say is…It is time for me to take some of my own advice I have shared on this blog over the years.

I will miss everyone and their kind emails, acknowledgement, appreciation, and support. I never have the chance to say this, but it has meant more to me than you will ever realize. I have a collection of items that were sent to me as thank you’s over the years, and I want you to know that the customers of Voice123, and a belief in a stronger voice over industry, is “why I did it”. It was never about the money for me. I grew up in a family that became wealthy, and lost that wealth only to realize what is important in life:

  • Love
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Courage
  • Integrity
  • Dignity

If you focus on the above, things will work out, but I wish to offer up again one last bit of advice…

  • If you don’t like something, take action and do something about it, even when that action requires sacrifice or change. There is nothing anyone can do for you that will make you truly satisfied, until you take control of what you do for yourself.

Voice123 has been the most fascinating experience of my life, and it hurts to say goodbye. I thank all of you for letting me help you with your voiceover careers. I hope we will all cross paths again somewhere. Right now…I am going on vacation.

I will be back in the voiceover industry soon, and the education I received while working here is priceless. It is time to face new challenges, and quite frankly, get out of the house.

With love and appreciation for all of you!

Steven Lowell

Former Community Manager – Voice123

Game Over

Game Over