Voice actor review of StudioBricks by Jerry Pelletier

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Jerry Pelletier wrote Voice123 recently to let us know he had purchased a booth from the company, StudioBricks. He contributes to this blog today, a review of his experience.

Voice Actor Review of StudioBricks by Jerry Pelletier
“StudioBricks of Barcelona, Spain is getting quite a bit of BUZZ in the voiceover community.  I reached out to Guillermo, the owner of the company to inquire.  I was impressed with all of my research on the product and it’s owner.  My 4×4 booth arrived last week on January 19,2013.  I placed the order for it on October 23rd, 2012.  Booths other than the specialized booth for voiceovers called “ONE”, can be fully customized.  The “ONE” booth is far more economical, smaller, and has very few options if any.

The “Bricks” are very well engineered, and fit together without ANY screws, nuts or bolts.  You can get it painted in many different colors. The door that comes with the unit is substantial, and the door knob has an extra turn to seal the door shut (almost like a submarine hatch). These units are equivalent to most other “double-walled” units on the market today.  It comes with ViCoustic panels (far superior to Auralex in my opinion).  Although, you will most likely have to add more acoustical treatment to suit your needs.  I had to add some bass traps.

Assembly was very easy, I would suggest having at least one person help. The continued support from StudioBricks has been exceptional, and they were there to answer any questions that came up. StudioBricks VO booth looks better than ANYTHING else on the market, and it’s function matches it’s looks.

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by Jerry Pelletier, International VO from West Palm Beach, Florida”

“But how does it sound? We asked…he said…

“I have two projects to do for my Sweden Studio Clients found through Voice123.  I attached audio from one of those scripts. This is my FIRST job in the new booth. Done with a Bock 241 Mic, Avalon AD2022 Pre, RME Fireface 400 A/D, into my Mac for audio. I always send files .aif to them, have converted it to MP3 @ 128 for your use.”

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