Reasons No One Answers Your Emails

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Did you ever email someone, and then spend days wondering why they never wrote you back? I have come to see many reasons people do not answer emails. In the process, I found almost all the reasons someone did not answer an email, was completely avoidable. I also found strange reasons emails between users of Voice123 were never answered. However, when it comes to reasons no one answers your emails, there is an explanation for it, and some of it can be controlled.

Controllable ReasonsVoice123 talent

Reason #1 – Your writing style contained humor, toxic comments, or emotional demands

Did anyone ever tell you, “It must have went into my spam folder.”? When someone says this to you, go back and check how you wrote to the person. Jokes, toxic comments, or emotional demands never go over well in emails. You may be a laid back, easy-going person, but without the face-to-face reassurance to know how serious you are with your writing, they will assume, “Because you wrote it…you must REALLY mean it.”. You can upset, anger, or give people reasons to be fearful of you, and given they cannot see you…they can ignore you easily. Poor “spam”…always the scapegoat for a poorly written email.

Tip: Before sending that email you are not sure about, ask yourself, “Is my point getting across clearly, and inviting a response, instead of demanding one?”. That’s the funny thing…People respond to emails more when your writing style is diplomatic and approachable.

Reason #2 – You are communicating while forwarding ALL old email addresses all to ONE singular email address

I see this happen quite often these days. Let’s say you switched from an old Yahoo email to a Gmail account. However, the old Yahoo email is what you login to an account with. Your client has no idea that the Yahoo email is being forwarded to a Gmail account. Your client writes to the Yahoo email, but hears back from a Gmail account…and you continue a conversation, while the client has no idea who sent the email. They cannot even look you up because your email changed drastically! (for example: They write to, and hear back from They may delete your email simply thinking it is a mistake. Do not expect anyone to turn into a detective on your behalf.

Tip: Align all your emails! If you sign in to a site like Voice123 with an old email, but you have new one now, update your account info with the new one. Auto-forwarding only makes sense to you when receiving emails.

Reason #3 – Fonts and text color mean…something

What do you think when you read text that is size 24, comic sans, and colored green(just an example)? Take a look at the image below. Creativity is great, but there is a time and a place.  An email hard on the eyes, is easy to delete.

Tip: Hard-to-read fonts may make you look more fun and open-minded, but if your focus is getting work, the last thing you want is your discussion over money to be “hard-to-read”.


The Uncontrollable…

Reason #1 – Someone hacks your account and starts sending out spam. Your address ends up blacklisted by email providers and 3rd party spam filters. Suddenly, when you write people, they go silent. This time…it really did go in the spam folder. You may not know, until someone writes you back and tells you. It is embarrassing, and hard to discover.

Tip: DO NOT send out a mass apology-email when you find out. It is just one more email they did not want for you to send. In 2013, they know what happened.

Reason #2 – System failures. The Internet can break down. The most famous example I can think of happened over the summer, when GoDaddy had a DNS server outage. Voice123 staff discovered who was affected almost immediately due to voice seekers and voice actors, stating to us that they wrote people who never replied. They wanted to know why, and it all happened so fast, it was easy to see there was a larger issue at hand.

Tip: Given the “uncontrollable” can so easily be used an excuse for not replying, it is a good idea to check that spam folder.

Reason #3 – The person you wrote has something going on in his/her life, it is something they wish not to discuss, and they are very bad at using “out of office” messages. I have noticed over the years that when someone goes silent, “Theatre of the Mind” starts to kick in. This is when you are not sure what happened and you start thinking of all the worst possible scenarios as to why, so much so, that you take your anxiety to the public for reassurance. You convince yourself something so horrible and sinister has happened, that when you find out “the person had to go to a funeral”, you have a hard time believing it because you entertained a negative thought for too long.

Tip: Treat it like a legal situation. If you do not have the facts to prove anything, remind yourself that you “just don’t have enough facts and therefore you should not speculate“. One of the best things I ever did was work in an office with lawyers, while doing fraud investigation. The hardest thing to do, in a day and age of technology that makes promises to help us know everything, is remember this simple fact: Even with all the tools…people are people…and they still have to use them to communicate. If you do not know the full story, do not make yourself crazy. It will affect the way you work online, especially if you start making outlandish accusations in which you try to force people to explain themselves. Remember…You cannot control that people are people. They take days off, get sick, die etc. It is uncontrollable.

Do you have any ways that you make sure your emails are always answered?