Subtle kind of updates this week at Voice123

Posted on January 11, 2013 by


If you follow this blog, you know we recently announced many changes were coming to Voice123 this year.

We also introduced you to the man behind such tasks, and had to point out that some of these changes would be subtle. Others would be hard to miss. When you get right down to the nuts and bolts of fixing up a 10-yr old website, you have to start with cleaning up the clutter that you should have dumped a while ago, but held onto for “some reason” you can no longer justify or no longer makes sense. The changes to Voice123 this week included making “subtle changes” to clean out the garage (metaphorically speaking), and speed things up.

Changes this week of January 11th, 2013:


Mesi Rendon, Voice123 Product Development

  • Removing website junk files to save space and increase website speed.
  • Updating website text. Making it more relevant to attract more voiceover jobs.
  • The footer pages on Voice123 were cleaned, and now just show important links related to website usage.

We want to talk about these things because we need you to know we appreciate that you have been with us since 2003. There may not be a big “reveal”… a la “the last 5-minutes of your HGTV renovation show”, but the start of such a project like this is always the most daunting. Maybe these aren’t the most dramatic changes…but it’s worth mentioning to let you know! Keep your eyes peeled for more changes!

We appreciate your feedback emails and comments, and ALWAYS discuss all your suggestions! Thanks for being here with us! 😀