Special thanks for El Call casting by former Voice123 staff Giselle Geney

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My name is Giselle Geney, a former Voice123 staff member, and an independent filmmaker from Colombia, South America. I work with a group of filmmakers, who work with low budgets and high emphasis on creativity.

Back story…

For a brief time, before working at Voice123, I worked in a call center for a popular US-cellphone company for two years. It was my first job, and it was hell. The headquarters were based in downtown Bogotá (Colombia). It was an ‘outsourced’ business. I was amazed by the fact that you could talk to someone located in another continent, while pretending you were in the same city. It was an experience that inspired this short-film, “El Call”. I also had the chance to hire Voice123 voiceover talent for my film! The result is an honest fiction-film, out of a not-so-honest reality, and I wanted to share it with you. I have not been with Voice123 since 2011. I wanted to come back and thank you! I also wanted to share the trailer and pictures. 🙂

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The call center I worked in was very hostile. Big posters everywhere told you what to do, how to behave, and how to do a wonderful job for a company in which cellphones were useless. Supervisors did not care about your well being. Some bosses were very tough, standing right behind you every second of the day, making sure you were always on the phone with a raging customer. However, there were some great things too. I had the most diverse wonderful set of co-workers. They were college students, single mothers, deportees, and unemployed professionals, who could not possibly find another job because of the bad economy of the country. We helped each other through each light-green-tungsten-filled day we spent in front of a computer inside a suffocating small cubicle.

Casting the film and Voice123 voice talent…

Difficult times bring people together, so I decided to make a film out of it. My co-workers participated in the video-promotions of the film, along with the actors, and acted in the film themselves. I was looking for some voice overs for the credits of the film. It was a student film, so I had a very small budget for all that was required, or sometimes, no budget at all.

I posted a project in Voice123, using the SmartCast system. I was very honest and said, “I am a student looking for help.” The project was fun because I required some voiceovers read copy like ill-tempered customers struggling with a cellphone or dealing with frustrating customer service. I was amazed and I am STILL thankful for all the replies I received. They were incredible! The sound engineer was very pleased with the quality of the recordings received and I was so entertained listening to Voice123 talent in action! These Voice123 talents were selected:

All of their voices are in the credits of the film. Some of the recordings are part of the first snippet I made to promote the film in Colombia. You can see that video below:

This is the trailer:

Special Thanks to Voice123 talent and staff!

The voiceover business is very dear to me. Many people helped me out through the process, doing such a great job with so much passion, that I will always be grateful. I wanted to also thank Steven Lowell, who has a voice in the film, Tania Zapata (the voicemail greeting for the closing credits), and last but not least, to the Voice123 staff Michelle Rojas, Felecia Angelle, and Tara Tyler. They helped me out with voices for the mom and kids, as part of the customer’s background noise.

For the selected talents, if you could be so kind to get in touch with me, or leave a comment below. I will send you an online copy of the film so you may see how it turned out.

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voice123 staff Giselle Geney used to work at Voice123, now pursues filmmaking 😀