“WANT” and “NEED” are two different things

Posted on January 4, 2013 by


My wife Michelle is very, VERY wise.  Of course, some people might debate that as she has stuck by my side for nearly 20 years now!  All kidding aside, she is constantly reminding me that “want” and “need” aVoice123re two very different things.

As the Head of User Experience for Voice123, I have 2 main objectives:

  • Ensure that all of our Voice123 users (voice seekers and talents) have an excellent customer service experience when they contact us using any of our available methods (phone, email, chat, social);
  • Gather feedback and statistical data from the users of the Voice123 service as well as compiling suggestions from our internal team members in order to improve upon the user experience and satisfaction levels of our service/platform itself.

Simple enough, right? When I first started working here in early 2011, I heard about this thing called the “Version 3.0 Wishlist”.   At the time, the wishlist had little meaning to me.  After all, I was brand new to the company and was doing my best just trying to keep up with all the KPI tracking and TPS Reports that were required.  I mean, the sheer fact that it is named “Version 3.0 Wishlist” implies that it is a list of “wants” and not “needs”…or so I thought.

Fast forward to today…The Version 3.0 Wishlist contains a multitude of suggestions from YOU, the Voice123 users, about features, improvements, revisions that you would like to see implemented on Voice123.  Now, while the document title may imply “want”, I can assure you that after being here for nearly 2 years, a majority of the items on this list are anything but.  Truth be told, if I am going to meet the 2 main objectives listed earlier, I am going to need to make this “Version 3.0 Wishlist” my #1 priority.  In fact, let me ask Michelle…Yep…She agrees…Time to rename this document to a more appropriate name:  “The Voice123 Version 3.0 NEEDS List”.

You might be asking yourself right about now, “What items are on that list?”.  I’m pretty comfortable going out on a limb and saying that you don’t need to see the document in order to figure out some of the items that might be listed.  That’s not to say that the Voice123 platform is severely flawed, but it is definitely not perfect.  I once read an article that stated, “Product development shouldn’t expect to achieve perfection.”  And, while I completely agree that developing perfect software is highly unlikely, I still like to set goals as high as possible and don’t believe in simply “settling” for less.

My pledge to YOU, our valued Voice123 Talents and Voice Seekers, is that I will do my absolute best as the Head of User Experience for Voice123 to help deliver a service and platform that will meet your needs of today while being mindful of tomorrow.  Heck…I may even sprinkle a few “wants” in there too!

Stay tuned, thank you for being a Voice123 member, and break a lip!