The road ahead for Voice123 voiceovers in 2013

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construction of Voice123

If you have been a professional voiceover talent on Voice123 for many years, you are aware that it is in need of a facelift. It needs to be updated to make the user experience better for all voiceover talent and voice seekers. This blog post will explain the road ahead for Voice123 and voiceovers in 2013.

We hope you find it exciting!

What will change about Voice123 in 2013?

Nothing that will change the way YOU work. We will just make things easier for you. Do not worry. We were listening to all your feedback replies over the years, and Voice123 has lots of things to fix up. Somethings have changed already. These are the first 6 things to be worked on:

  • The homepage changed already. (Goodbye text monster, but it’s still being worked on!)
  • Website interface re-design for both voiceover talent and voice seekers (Biggie!)
  • Social sharing integration for several sections of the website from profiles to forums.
  • Re-investing in SEO to fit with the changes Google made last year to target more job opportunities. (More work means more money!)
  • Removing all flash-based players and replacing with HTML5. (Great for those who work with mobile devices!)
  • Coding and text changes to auditioning pages…simply put…so it makes more sense. (Terminology on the site that has proven to cause more confusion than helpful information)

Now, much like working on a roadway, we have to do things in a way that will not disturb traffic flow. Some of the changes will be subtle, and some will be obvious. The most important thing to understand is that these changes will not…well…mess with your business. It will only make things easier for you. To be honest…these changes will not happen overnight,Β  but they will happen.

Who is the man behind such a daunting task of revamping a successful 10-yr old website?!?! Angel from Voice123

Angel Rendon! And he is excited to take this on! We will be sharing your feedback with him, as he works on this project.

Do you have specific things you would like to see happen first? Tell us more about it!

“Take the road less traveled. It will make the difference!”

Steven is the Community Manager of Voice123