SEO Trend for 2013 all voiceover talent should know about

Posted on December 20, 2012 by


Voice123 QA

When I first started in 2007, Voice123 had just released SmartCast. There was a section in it at first called “keywords”, that was intended to help match voice talent to jobs. The immediate reaction was that voiceover talent copied and pasted a thesaurus into their profile of related keywords. Times have changed dramatically and it is important for ALL Voice123 talent to understand the following SEO trend for 2013:

  • Make web content that does not suck.
  • Make sure you write things to connect with your audience
  • Make sure your web content GIVES something that people will stop and look or listen to for a while, that they can TAKE away.
  • Stop trying to trick search engines. It doesn’t work. It’s not quality content.
  • P.C.P. (Proper Company Promotion) is the new SEO

Of course, I am over-simplifying it, and focusing on the “creative” rather than technology, but stop and think a second…Isn’t this what performers, voice actors, producers, filmmakers, etc. always try to do anyway? Remember the Nielsen Ratings? That list, to me, looks like trending topics on Twitter hashtags. And that is good news for creative artists! In 2013, artists will be the best business people to work with because they possess the ability to think creatively. They are not shaped by growth charts, and data. They are shaped by their nucleus to garner emotion or invent “want” in a room filled with something no one needs.

What this means for voice talent in 2013? Get back to basics…

  • Forget gaming search engines. Create content as an artist. Let the SEO serve you. Do not try to make SEO happy.
  • Pull out the stops. Create a blog with content people wish to read. Create Youtube videos people will always sit through.
  • Create or fix your Voice123 profile to put your best demos up first, and make sure your profile is easy to read. (aka. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point)

For me, this also means I have to shift gears. I talk too much. In the coming year, my blogs will be shorter, and you will hear from more members of the voiceover community or staff, instead of myself. This reminds me…Do you ever notice how the old TV shows always lasted 5 years and at some point during the end of the run, a child actor was introduced? Well…I have written over 1,000 blogs for Voice123, and more voices need to be on here. Fresh perspectives are always great! I hope you will email me here, if you wish to ever post your thoughts on here. If you would like to know more about SEO, and optimizing your search results, I tend to watch this website, Search Engine Land.

Just keep this in mind…

Quality content (your profile, blog, demo, website, videos etc.) will rule SEO in 2013. Get back on your creative horses and apply what you did offline into an online environment.

“The shortest distance between two points is simplicity”

Steven is the Community Manager of Voice123