The year 2012 proves voiceover work on Voice123 still grows

Posted on December 18, 2012 by


Voice123 professional voiceovers

Have you ever looked at the Voice123 Project Directory? It shows a list of all SmartCast voiceover jobs posted since 2007, as well as, the old “leads” posted from 2004-2007.

Taking a look at this today for 2012, we noticed Voice123 is still growing and bringing in more voiceover work!

This does not take into account all the work that comes via direct invite to voice talent. Voice seekers will search our database, usually for those voice talent who fulfill a certain need that is difficult to find online. For example, voices outside of English, or children. We usually have between 500 – 750 of those a month. Voice seekers can also directly invite voice talent without posting a job, so it helps to have a Voice123 profile.

We plan on continuing to grow for 2013, the year of the color emerald green. We will have more news about this shortly!

Thanks so much for being a part of Voice123! Voice seekers come back more and more because they can count on your professional voiceover services! 🙂