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Voice123 Affiliate commission

Did you ever say to yourself, “I refer lots of voiceover business to Voice123. I deserve some money for it!”? Voice123 agrees with you, so let’s make it happen.

Become a Voice123 Affiliate!

Follow these simple steps below. I promise it’s easy!

Refer voiceover actors!

  • Email me at
  • I will give you banners and a link for your website.
  • I find out how to PAY YOU commissions.
  • You place the banner on your website.
  • We check it out together. 🙂

Refer voiceover jobs! (voice seekers)

  • Same thing as the above

What happens with Affiliates?

  • At the end of each month, you receive a commission on new sales and/or jobs posted on Voice123 through your referral link.
  • $50 per Premium Subscription sale
  • $10 per voiceover job posting
  • Each affiliate commission is checked for legitimacy
  • I send you money and a report of what happened each month!

Best places for these banners?

Voice123 Affiliate Banner

  • Blogs
  • Personal websites
  • Give it to your industry colleagues, who plan on signing up or posting jobs!

Let me know if you have questions!  This is a great way to keep business active within your own voiceover community!

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