What do those rankings really mean

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What do those rankings really mean on Voice123?

If I had a dollar for every complaint I see about “Not Likely” I’d be pretty well-off. That doesn’t surprise anyone reading this. Let me tell you something that will.

People complain about “Finalist” just as much as they complain about anything else.

At first, I was surprised. “What are you mad about!? It’s good! They LIKE you!” Then I came to understand the reason behind the frustration. “What does it MEAN?” (Double rainbow guy just came to mind.) What do ANY of the rankings mean? After working with several voice-seekers and casting a few things with my own clients, I’d like to explain.

First, it is a pretty subjective process. There isn’t any one exact answer for each, but there are things that are true most of the time and clues to pay attention to when things aren’t clear.

Voice123 ranking

Image on Voice Seeker page


Obviously, if you see this, they liked you a lot. You are at the top of the list. “Finalist” is always a good thing. But what if you get a “Finalist” and then nothing happens? “Finalist” isn’t a guarantee that you are going to get hired. You will only know that you booked the job if and when you hear from the seeker, which could be immediately or in several months. Sometimes projects are cast and then put on the back burner for one reason or another. Or, they may end up changing their minds and going with someone else. Again, you can only be sure when you actually hear from them. One thing is for certain though, if you get a lot of “Finalist” rankings, you’re doing very well and likely being added to many people’s roster, even if no one calls you right away.


This is also a good ranking. It means what it says. They like you enough to consider you for the project. Sometimes “considering” is a place holder until they make a decision. If you see this and you are tied with others for 1st place, wait a few days. You may see it change to second place if they choose someone else. If they choose you, it may change to finalist. Either way, it’s a good ranking. You made a positive impression.


This ranking is very vague. It isn’t great but it isn’t negative. What it usually means:

  • They don’t want to hire you but don’t want to hurt your feelings with a “Not Likely.” This happens more than you realize.


  • Your audition sounded just like all the others. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t unique and didn’t stand out.


This one feels like a kick in the teeth. Pretty self-explanatory, right? Well, not really. Your voice was either not at all what they had in mind or they liked your voice but it is just completely wrong for the project. I’ve even seen seekers give talent a “Not Likely” and then save them as a favorite. Others give it out because they truly did not like your audition and felt that you ignored their instructions. Don’t panic if you get this ranking from time to time. Again, everything is subjective. Only be concerned if you see it a lot. If you do, the following is likely happening:

  • You’re having serious audio issues and are so used to your own sound that you don’t even hear it. Nowadays, when you audition online, even a little bit of echo or noise is unacceptable. Standards are higher than they were even a couple of years ago. If you aren’t doing too well, ask a professional to assess your audio. Even if you think this isn’t an issue for you, I encourage you to look into it anyways. Others can often hear things that you don’t. I have had talent tell me they thought their audio was just fine when in reality, the echo or noise was pretty overwhelming. There are fixes for these issues.

Need resources for this? Check out Dan Lenard  and George Whittam

You are auditioning for things that are not a good match for you. You can’t be a match for everything! Stop wasting your time on auditions that are not your strength. You are causing yourself more harm than good by continuously making a bad impression on potential clients. Save your energy for the reads that you know you do well. It’s ok to try new things, but be cautious and always be honest with yourself about what you can and can’t do.

  • You aren’t connecting with the script and are relying only on the beautiful sound of your own voice. You can have a wonderful voice but if you aren’t connecting to the message in the script, you won’t get hired. Is your inflection predictable? Does it always going upward in an unnatural way at the end of every declarative statement? Are you punching key words with an unnatural force? These are behaviors we default to when we haven’t really made a connection with what we are saying. Try a different approach or jump back into working with a coach.


This one is pretty bad. When a seeker chooses this ranking, they have actually opted to block you from ever auditioning for them again. Many people wonder if seekers understand that. They do. On their end of things, it actually says “Never Again.” If you have received this more than a couple of times, something is seriously wrong. It may be a good time to stop auditioning completely and get back into training. I say “back into training” because I would hope that anyone auditioning has already been coached. I bring it up because I’ve seen many people under the impression that you can just start auditioning as long as you have a good voice. Nothing could be further from the truth. Plan on a good solid year of training before you audition. You should always be brushing up on your skills, even after that. Need a good resource for this? Check out Edge Studio.

Because of the ambiguity of rankings, “submit it and forget it” seems to be the healthiest attitude to take. Easier said than done, I know. I once got up during a root canal to grab my phone and check in on an audition I had submitted. Really though, the only time you should seriously be concerned with your rankings is when you see a pattern. Patterns are a sign that something is up.

Take advantage of the many resources out there and improve your skills! Take action and things will change. Sit back and do nothing…and things will remain.

Good luck!