Behind the scenes story for voice talent: Spy vs Spy

Posted on November 14, 2012 by


Voice talent…do you ever look at Voice123, or casting websites, and assume there is no one behind the laptop? There are people here, and they do what people always do when they want something.

If you knew what people tried to get away with, and how funny it is (even if a waste of time), you would get a kick out of what really happens here. I am referring to various types of competitive marketing and market research that you never see, and it is humorous…It reminds me of Spy vs. Spy.

We had a case of this today in Live Chat! Here is the actual chat, edited to protect names. Maybe you can see what is really happening?

“Voice123: Hello and thank you for contacting the Voice123 Casting Advisory Team! I will be your chat representative today! How may I assist you?

Jennifer: Hi Tara, I’m German voice talent and I’m interested in doing some voice-over work online.  Can you tell me about the opportunities available for German females?

Voice123: Well, I think the best way would be for you to create a free Standard profile. That way, you will start getting project notifications, which means that you can see the project that would match your profile.

Jennifer: I understand that, but I’m interested in getting started right away and want to know what to expect. How many German jobs would I see on average? I’m considering other services and want to compare .

Voice123: I’m afraid I really don’t have an answer for you.  What you can also do is take a look at our project directory.

Voice123: You can see a history of all of the projects we posted there. Let me see if we have anything in our forums

Jennifer: Oh really, so I have to go do the research myself. You wouldn’t be able to tell me how many I could expect in a year or a month?

Voice123: No, as a matter of fact I could not.  We think it’s better for you to be a Standard and see the actual jobs that come through our site, as opposed to taking guesses.

Voice123:  But I see that you are working at (a casting website), so I am sure you are well aware of this!”
(visitor leaves chat)

If you were wondering, we knew the answer the entire time, and knew who was writing to us. What was happening was that we were being surveyed for information. Keep an eye out for a blog from someone comparing us to some other website. We had a little fun with it because we knew who was doing it. The voice over industry is definitely small. Did you know that the majority of voice seekers removed from Voice123, were removed for “database fishing”? That’s when someone posts work, invites the world, and uses all the names to start a new website. This has happened less than 150 times over the last 5 years, from over 38,000 jobs posted.

The more you know…the better!