Anti-virus voice over work turns viral for voice talent

Posted on November 14, 2012 by


Jo Rubio pic from Voice123

When starting in voice overs nearly 20 years ago, I did it for the anonymity of being able to act without being judged for how I look. It is amazing how times have changed, and how voice over talent can actually have fan clubs. I want to share an email received by a voice talent, who expressed how her small voice over work became a really big deal.

I am referring to Voice123 talent, Jo Rubio, who wrote me of voice work she did for AVAST software. Who knew this would happen? How do you plan for it? She wrote to me:

“I am not sure if you know what has happened to me. I have become ” famous” in all of Latin America because, I am the Spanish voice for an anti-virus software used world-wide. Its name is AVAST.

I recorded it 4 years ago .. as any online job .. and one month ago someone found out through my website. People had been asking online, “Who is doing that voice over?” , apparently because the anti-virus software audio commands play unexpectedly throughout the day or night, even when they turn on the computer! So, people became used to hearing my voice…every day… for over 4 years. It is surreal!!! I started  receiving hundreds of emails from fans, saying how much they liked my voice, or asking me to record a video saying the famous quote from the anti-virus software, “la base de datos de virus ha sido actualizada”. I started to do it for them. I created a channel on Youtube called ” la voz del anti-virus”, ( the voice of the anti virus). They went crazy over it! There are now DJ’s on Youtube using my voice to create remixes , TV programs talking about me. Many thought I was just an avatar! 😀

When they found out I was not an avatar people wrote me letters. I have  been intereviewed on the radio in Argentina, Chile, Nicaragua , Peru etc. in reference to this Internet viral video of mine!

Here is the actual voice people are used to seeing:

Thank you for letting me share this with you!”

Has this ever happened to you? How did you handle it? Let us know!