The truth about cats, dogs, and voice over casting websites

Posted on November 13, 2012 by



This post is for every voice talent, who gets confused by all of the marketing efforts done through voice over casting websites, as they compete for the love of voice talent. Their reasons are as simple as trying to prove they are the better mouse-trap.

I am a natural-born skeptic, and me applying to work at Voice123 years ago, was due in part to my desire to discover the truth behind what really happens behind the scenes of a voice over casting website. My skeptic perceptions were correct: You cannot believe everything you read. I always liked Voice123 for its down-to-earth mojo. I found most voice casting websites spew lots of inaccurate nonsense, in order to get the voice talent’s attention, and lead them to think their site “wont be like others”. In fact, we do our best to never mention other websites. The thought process is “if we don’t believe in it…we won’t mention it…and if they do something intriguing…we won’t mention it, but we may test it.” Every website does it. All websites test each other to see what they are missing. Then, they release something we did not have to offer an alternative. It is a way that casting websites compete.

Voice talent can benefit from this, but at the same time, talents do deal with the issue of websites releasing inaccurate information to sell their own site. One thing in particular that bugs me…Websites that claim Voice123 is a bidding war website. This is not true. Voice123 is not a bidding war website. You would have to hire and audition on Voice123 to find out why. If you do believe it is a bidding war, I challenge you to understand this:

  • Clients many times do not know how much money they are going to spend on a voice talent, so when they figure something out, they do not know how to deal with people bidding lower or higher.
  • Voice talent who believe under-bidding helps one get work, neglect to think how it creates the fear one must be difficult to work with. An under-bid is a sign of compensating for something missing.
  • Budgets posted on Voice123 have somewhat turned into a formality. Voice talent talk money after the audition, and the price may go up due to re-takes. It is good we stay out of it because talent can negotiate higher budgets on their own.
  • Budgets posted by voice seekers are rarely changed by voice talent during the submission process.
  • In short, there is no bidding at all. The act of auditioning is an act of accepting what is seen. There is a talent auditioning, negotiating rates, and delivering files.

Voice123 is a “do-it-yourself” website because we always have the belief that voice talent are smart enough to be their own business, and because voice talent can do this, the Voice123 website has lasted a long time. Basically, while casting websites fight like cats and dogs to win your approval, you should be aware that voice talent today have more power over the voice industry than ever before. Whatever website you decide to use, will last the longest. This is important to know because if you are being sold on a website with the mission of being “not like Voice123”, all they will be able to offer you in the future is a website with a foundation built on not being Voice123. Anyone can do that…but what are they really offering? A new form of Coke or Pepsi? A new social media website? A job board for the ravenous up-start? Regardless of what it is, casting websites will compete to win your attention based on a belief system of what they think works. The end-all-be-all question is…Does it work for you?

Be careful out there, don’t ever make any of this personal, and do not confuse facts with “things people say to get your attention”. Spin doctors are a time-honored tradition in any form of marketing. The technology changed, but the thought process has not. šŸ˜€