Voice123 usage tip for words, demos, and direct invites

Posted on November 12, 2012 by


Today, I was asked by a voice seeker to find Voice123 talent.

I started to use the search feature when something struck me…I was typing in words to search with, and from the results, talents had the word in their profiles, but no demo to back up that they do it. In addition, when they did have the demo, it was named something completely different that gave no indication the demo had what I needed. For example: Using a personal name to label the demo. It would be great to think that we will be found by “name”, but when clients are searching in Google, or on Voice123, they mostly search for keywords that describe the content of the demo (not the person who did it). There is one exception with impersonations. If you are impersonating someone on a demo, that demo name should indicate who you are impersonating.

The deal is this…Words you type are what get you found, and your demo is what backs up the story you told with your words. If I impersonate someone, put that in my voice description, and then have no demo to show it…In the mind of the online searcher…they will think I used those words on purpose just to get found in a popular search. The client will do the search, land on the page, and ultimately leave disappointed. It may not seem like it, but it feels a bit like false advertising.

The person who wants to be directly invited may lose out just for using the right words on the profile, but the uploaded demo contained a different story. See below an example of a great way to do this! You will see the short voice description matches the name of a demo.