What voice talent should expect in November and December

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This is a post based on the history of working online in voice overs for the past 5 years. As the year begins to close out, you need to know what voice talent should expect in November and December. It has happened  every year since working at Voice123, and technology aside, the reasons are quite familiar.

What voice talent should expect in November and December:

Job posting slow down by certain voice seekers:

  • Next to July…November and December are two of the slowest months of the year due to the holiday season.
  • Out of 8 weeks, there are 3 weeks in 2 months where the best businesses posting jobs, and those auditioning, go on vacation.

Budgets get a bit lower for a couple of months:

  • Debates on low-balling start to heat up around this time because you are seeing market behavior for the season.
  • Businesses that can afford to pay more, can usually afford to take vacation, and posted most of the jobs for the holidays in October.
  • If you are a struggling voice artist or voice seeker trying to get a creative project off the ground, you stand a chance to meet now during the next couple of months.
  • It does not mean budgets are like this all year. These last two months mean you may find yourself deleting jobs, or saying “no”, more now than you do throughout the year.

Where is this coming from? Am I making this up? How the season was discovered online.

  • Voice123 asking voice talent to be selective has meant you get to see voice talent say “No!” and voice seekers say, “Why is no one auditioning for my job!” at the same time.
  • When this activity picked up over the last few years, and it only happened at a certain of year, it became as seasonal as Sunday NFL football.
  • When Voice123 had a SmartCast penalty for a few years for auditioning too much, any selective voice talent could not be found auditioning, if the budget went under $100 USD.
  • Those who were more eager to work during holiday season, or maybe were given the gift of a Voice123 subscription, and wanted to try it out immediately, were quickly cut off from jobs they really did not like anyway.
  • These two months became associated with a seasonal issue of being cut off from work that was low paying.

Playing it cool:

  • Well, we do not have a penalty anymore, but we still encourage people to be selective. Sometimes, what you don’t say…says so much. If you don’t like a job, say “no”. Let it go to some other site.
  • During these slower times, you may have a chance to experiment a bit more with some jobs you would not normally do, but just remember you may be dealing more with small business types who need a voice immediately, and do not have lots of money.
  • Quality is not determined by budget. Quality is determined by behavior. Screen voice seeker behavior, how they write, or how long they have been on Voice123. If you do not, you are always taking wild stabs in the dark to get voice work. It is exhausting.
  • Do your best to get paid up front when you are nervous about the business you are working with.
  • This is the funny thing about working online…For all the data present, many simply forget that the same thing can happen year after year at the same time. It becomes a cycle spread so far out in months, that we forget it happened just one year ago. I never forgot that working offline during the holiday season often meant getting as many jobs as possible, anywhere, because it seems like everyone is broke around the holidays.

Types of work you will see more of…High quality demand with low budget

  • Web videos
  • Apps
  • In-store videos (bars and localized promotions)
  • You deal with forms of media that have no set tradition yet. Be flexible and diplomatic.

Tips for the next couple of months…seriously…

  • Get your hands in as much work as possible anywhere you can
  • Work on that home studio and get it up to quality speed. You will stand out in the crowd, if your auditions are quality when quality is hard to find in numbers
  • Watch this video and other free info that exists. Take this time to do some educating for yourself at low cost. It is out there.
  • If not getting work stresses you, get a part-time holiday season job.
  • Shop around for deals. We ended the large group rate, but we will “2 for 3” until January 2013.

Voice123 is in the North American market, where 84% of the world’s media is created. Job posters on Voice123 are 77% North American-based. The work will be back!

January is not far away at all, and once everyone comes back to work, it will be a new year and you won’t remember any of this. The longer you last in a voice over career, the easier the next two months become to deal with.