Voice over feedback and the simple thinking behind rankings

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One of the most common remarks made about Voice123 rankings are, “I was ranked Finalist, and 1st out of… But I was never hired, so what does that really mean?”.

Recently, I did some research into those ranked in the top 200 on Voice123, and all that research showed me that voice seeker rankings on Voice123 are incredibly simple. Some have asked me how SmartCast is connected with rankings, and simply put, voice seekers can save voice talent in their own account.

The Top 50

  • The research I did involved looking up all people who were ranked.
  • If you are a child, or a person who speaks a rare language, you are most likely one of the Top 50 voice talent on Voice123.
  • The best ranking on the website belongs to Weston Snider, a young child in a family of voice talent.
  • These voice talent tend to see fewer invitations, and when they do, the voice seeker saves the voice talent in their account because they were hard to find.

Ranked 51 – 100The main competition for everyone

  • They are online voice over talent, audition frequently, professional, experienced, and industry ‘players’.
  • They are the type of people who wake up, roll out of bed, and into a voice over booth.
  • They may not be ranked well always, but that is because (to use a baseball metaphor)…”your best players get a hit 3 out of 10 times.”

How simple…

  • You get ranked well if you are a rarity, talented, do something original, experienced at working ONLINE, and you are a career voice talent.

More simple thinking…it seems to matter

  • Being a child, having an attractive headshot, and hard to find online, helps your ranking.
  • Welcome to working online…No one wants to give a child bad news, looks can matter, and doing something no one else does behind a mic is greatly appreciated.
  • To me, this does not sound any different than working offline, but the stage is different.
  • Rankings say something about who is hiring because no one has a perfect score, and no one is hired for every job. This means that just because they are ranked well, does not mean they are hired all the time on Voice123. But they are probably hired somewhere on any given day, or could/should be.

Credits (in no specific order)

Weston Snider
Anna Vocino
Keith Todd
Megui Cabrera
Cadieux Alain
Ben Marney
Michael Rhys
John Calvert
Nicola Barber
Kristin Price
Zhenyu Tan
Beth Cameron
Odette Joannidis
Sharyn Doolan
Erin Setch
Mark Dodson
Scott Gentle
Stefan Sattler
Craig Burnett
Alison Matthews
Blaine W. Parker, Jr.
Jodi Paige
Dave Pettitt
Allan Peck
Heike Bachmann
Susannah Kenton
Dylan Sanchez
Bob Olson
Brice Lewis
Nicky Barber
Cathy Faulkner
Drew Birdseye
John Reilly
Joe Szymanski
Michael Ferreri
Christi Leblanc
Chris Thomas
Brian Haymond
Eric Gusky
Dani Lloret
Bonnie Curry
Alex Rain
Josh Millman
September Day
Justine Harris
Catherine Sheehan
Chris Andrews
Marian Hussey
Emerson Savio
Jennifer Vaughn
Dan Dunlap
Nick Summers
Doug Hamilton
Alan Pottinger
Christopher Emerson
Annette Rainesalo
Christopher Caldwell
Esteban Silva
Tom Kane
Beatrice Marlier
Don Hoffpauir
Christian Rosselli
Jon Carter
Craig Bowers
Tim Grimsley
Debra Stamp
C.T. Taylor
Rick Gangi
Robert Blythe
David Vickery
Shannon Engemann
Dave DeAndrea
Brian Kirchoff
Julie West
Steve Stansell
Ralph Mitchell
Sheila Hart
Will Joseph
Emma Lintern
Kelli Casey
Dan Harder
Cynthia Solis
Jay Newell
Tall Paul Fredricks
Noel Johansen
Adam Lacy
John Matthew
Tamar Schoenberg
Tom Test
Caroline Dark
Lora Cain
Sharon Huff Robinson
Mara Junot
Wendy Lloyd
Michael Berger
Chris Ratliff
John Bell
Cia Allan
Jonathan Lockwood
Rick Riley

Surprised to see your name up here, or not see your name? Either way, does it reflect how much work you get?