Voice talent not getting work due to not engaging the right customers

Posted on October 26, 2012 by


If you have been a voice over talent on Voice123 longer than one year, at some point, you received an email written by me with the subject line, “Two Months Already”, and “Voice123 follow up”. Through tens of thousands of your feedback replies, and researching/comparing feedback from Voice Seeker responses to my “How did it go?” emails, one thing has become abundantly clear to me.

Before stating this, I wish to preface that back in 2007 when I started here, I could never have predicted this in a million years, and the only way I found out was by working towards a solution to every problem. I am a big fan of finding that one black-and-white truth statement about the problems at hand, through exhaustive research, and I came to this conclusion:

  • Voice talent, with amazing backgrounds and professional experience, may not get work online simply because they are not engaging the right customers.
  • Job selection, as it was offline, is equally a potent skill to possess online.

There are many emails I receive in which a person states, “I know I am good, so it must mean the clients on your site are not professional. I have the experience to prove it.”.  I had heard this enough to realize more needs to be investigated. What I found over time is that despite all technology, there are perceived expectations and interpretations, which cause a person to make the choice to communicate less. Recently, I wrote to a voice talent:

  • “Imagine Voice123 was a dating website for voice talent & voice seekers…Given we show voice seeker behavior on EVERY job, as a voice talent, what voice seeker do you want to date? Do you like people with money or works at a great company? Do you want someone who listens? Someone who opens the audition for you, or seems to be the type of guy who would do that more often? How long have they used the website?”…..This is info available on every project, and if you audition for the type of person who exhibits a behavior you do not like, you are not engaging the right customers. You must commit to what you want in order to find someone.”

I also know one other fact that cannot be overlooked: Some websites just do not “click” with voice talent or voice seekers. Does it make them “bad” or “wrong”? No. For example, I am told I am great with social media, but the truth is my favorites are Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, and Quora. Websites like Reddit, Digg, Google+, and Facebook just do not click with me. Why? I do not know. It could be my personality does not click. I am aware that I like videos, doing business, being direct, quick conversations, and answering questions to help…so maybe…the people saying “You are good”, simply engage me in their favorite places. The same applies to Voice123 voice talent. There are voice talent, who may spend all year paying for coaches on how to read copy and record better audio, when the main problem was…

  • How they communicated during the audition process, made the talent look like they did not know how to work through Voice123, therefore all the experience, audio quality, and copy reading looked like it would come at a higher price…because time is money.
  • In addition, maybe they did not know who he/she competed with on Voice123. (that info is available…click ‘Hear similar voices’ on your profile)

Not everyone is hard-wired to work with everyone on the planet. Personality clashes come in all shapes and sizes and emails. Most of the time, if you find a great client, you do so because you engaged with a like-minded individual. He/she listened, liked your voice, spoke your business lingo, and understood how you used the website. Not everyone can jump from website to website, and adapt to what needs to be done. The next time you find you are not getting work, and you feel like you are trying so hard by auditioning because you listened to some hand-me-down rules, keep this in mind….

  • The word “no” is a secret password to finding and engaging with the right customers.

You are more likely to make someone upset by agreeing to do something you can’t do. Saying “no” and saving the client the time and money to find out. If you are not sure why refusing work can help you get more work, that is your next challenge in your online career…discovering “where and how your voice should be engaging the right customers” (because you got the sound down and read copy well).

ps- I realize I played up the humor about the dating website.