Places to go to find great information about Voice123

Posted on October 25, 2012 by


Do you know the best places to find information on how to use work with Voice123?

This post is intended to share that information with you. As an aside, compared to when I started 20 years ago, information on how to be a voice talent often comes free, and was created through the generous hearts and minds of those working online, today. Voice123 displays lots of information for many different reasons, and knowing why its done, can be a key to success. Granted it takes a while to go through all the information, but considering it is free, and money is tight these days, sometimes getting a cup of coffee and taking several hours to go through it, will make you more prepared.

Personally I do like meeting people in person to talk face to face about the industry, but we cannot always, so here is a list of places to go to find great information about Voice123:

Voice123 Forums

  • Great place to talk to voice talent using the website, some veterans of the site for years.

This Youtube video from a webinar

  • If you don’t mind the first 5 seconds of bad audio, the rest is amazing.

The very WordPress site you are reading now

  • Articles written by voice talent and coaches
  • Articles written by staff inspired by the thousands of feedback emails and activity we witness every day

Resource Center

  • Info about Voice123, old and new

Finally…good ole’  fashioned “testing of the website”. Everyone does it, and no one gets hurt. Many of the websites that started after Voice123, were first seen testing our system to see how it worked and who was using it. Is this bad? Consider it a form of “digital browsing”, like the person in a retail store who just goes there to look around, and get the feel for what is best. Myself, I had a free profile for months before making the decision to upgrade.

There is no “push-button formula” to voice over success; only research, application of a business plan, practice, adjustment, rinse and repeat.

What is your favorite tool to find out advice on getting voice work online?