Communicating how the Amazon AWS issue will affect Voice123 users

Posted on October 23, 2012 by


If you have not found out yet,Voice123 is still down. Please take a look at the link provided regarding the AWS outage on this Voice123 page.

In an effort to communicate what will happen once service returns, and what is happening now, we are writing this to communicate how the Amazon AWS issue will affect Voice123 users.

During the outages

  • This outage is affecting all Voice123 users, including voice seekers and voice talent.
  • No one is communicating or auditioning on Voice123 at this time.
  • Our team has been working very hard to get back online using other methods.
  • We are communicating and answering questions on Twitter and Facebook.
  • You can follow tweets about this outage and who it affected on hashtag #AWS.
  • Currently there is no established ETA for when services will return.
  • We will do our best to communicate updates.
After the outages stop
  • You will see many emails come to your inbox. These are back-logged emails that were supposed to be sent yesterday.
  • You will get invites to auditions that are probably closed already.
  • We will investigate to see how such things can be prevented in the future.

About the homepage yesterday….Clearing confusion

  • The message for the most part of the outage on the homepage indicated a database back up was happening. This message was a mistake and it led to confusion.
  • Voice123 understands how busy Monday is in the voice over world.
  • We would never perform site maintenance during the busiest hours of the week when voice seekers and voice talent are trying to work.

We apologize for the confusing message, and will work to get everything back in order.

Your patience is appreciated as we are dealing with a service issue indirectly, waiting for an alternate service to return.