Voice123 talent serves up the Greek voice of President Barack Obama

Posted on October 19, 2012 by


While doing Quality Assurance on Voice123, we always come across interesting voice acting experience, and sometimes we have to stop and ask, “Did you really do this?!”.

Such was the case this week when I found the profile of Greek speaking voice talent, Cosmas Develegas. I spotted his experience, “I have done the live commentary and translation of “Barack Obama – Be the change: Live from the Youth Inaugural Ball”  broadcast of MTV Greece. I reached out and asked for more info on this gig. He replies to Voice123:

“I was not just the voice of Barack Obama, but of all participants at the MTV Greece live broadcast of “Be the Change Inaugural Ball“, held at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington on Jan. 20, 2009. I did real-time dubbing, while listening to the live feed of the MTV broadcast, of the whole television program. I translated and presented in real-time the Barack Obama speech, as well as everything that was being said by the show hosts and guest musicians.

Presenting such a broadcast for a major international television network, such as MTV, was an amazing experience and a real challenge. Not only I had to successfully translate all dialogues and speeches with no delay, but at the same time I also had to deliver a professional voice-over, that would keep all viewers interested in the program. Thankfully all went well, and the result was one of the most exciting voice-over jobs in my career! Please, also note that the program was broadcast live through all international channels of MTV, so it was actually an MTV Greece re-broadcast.”

Did you ever get an amazing voice over job like this? Tell us about it!