Voice over work as a family affair impacts voice talent

Posted on October 16, 2012 by


One of our favorite things about working at Voice123 is how common an occurrence it is for us to come across families, who have made the voice over industry a family affair.

Just recently, we shared emails with the Snider family of voice talent, David, Jeany, Weston, and Donovan.


We first became familiar with Weston Snider after this hilarious blooper recording (jump to :34) David had sent in last year…

Weston is one of the younger users of Voice123, and there are not many real child voices subscribing, but we do know that he has the 2nd highest ranking score on Voice123. Today, I had the chance to ask David and Jeany, “What is it like to have a full family of voice talent?”. She states, “Overall, we have been so grateful for the opportunities through voice123.ย  Over 50% of our family’s work this year has come from repeat clients, or from referrals from one family member to another.ย  Weston will get a voice job that needs a mom, and then Dave does some original music composition, and then they need a brother… It’s uncanny how often we find a way to fit multi-person jobs. Donovan did voice work last year for emerging animators at Ringling college of Design (seen below), just because they’re so cool, and helping emerging animators is exciting! Dave and Weston participated in another with Ringling that we haven’t received back yet.”

The Case of the Broken Lamp from Alberto Beguerie on Vimeo.

There are other families out there making an impact on the voice industry!

  • Alex Torrenegra and Tania Zapata (founders of Voice123)
  • Chris Kendall and Ryan Kendall (Chris is the founder of Voice Artists United)
  • Kristin Lennox and Ryleigh Mill (mother and daughter and successful voice talent)

Do you know people who make voice work a family affair? Leave a comment about it below!