Fix this email error costing you money as a voice talent

Posted on October 11, 2012 by


What I discovered from people who claimed, “The voice seeker is not paying me!”, is that 99% of the time (yes … real number) it was an email and/or Paypal address issue.

Email has been around a while, and so has Voice123, so please…fix this online communication error that could cost you work and money NOW. What do I mean?

  • Use one email address, and not 5 old addresses all forwarded to 1 account.


  • Let’s say the email address you used to sign up with Voice123 more than 3 to 5 years ago, may be completely different from the one you are using today.
  • You had several accounts since then.
  • You got tired of having so many and forwarded all of them to one account
  • BUT your old Paypal address does not match your current email address, or your Voice123 login email.
  • You invoiced a client and their first reaction was, “Who is this that wants money?”.

The last thing anyone will do is pay someone when it seems like they have to become a detective in order to do it. They may not know that “” is now More so, how will they find out?

You are selling to them. Think about this…Have you ever once gone in a store to buy something, and suddenly, the cashier hid from you or changed his name? No, of course not. Why make it difficult for people to pay you? In some cases, they will just wait for you to ask what happened. It does not mean they did not want to pay. It means they did not want to figure out who invoiced them. This can also cost you work. Why?

  1. They are messaging an old email address.
  2. You reply from the new one, continuing a conversation about hiring you.
  3. They are completely clueless as to who wrote it because it contains an email address they never saw before.
  4. Just because you remember who they are, does not dictate they know what you are doing.

Basic tips:

  • Update your Voice123 login information with your current email address. If you do not, you are trusting several email providers to forward your emails to your new account.
  • Paypal addresses…Have them contain your name in some recognizable way, if not your full name, so people know the “person” they are paying.
  • Remember…stay creative behind the mic. Creative emails and business methods can get confusing for the business-types.

Any thoughts or comments?

Image by Rob Blatt