Tribute to Linkedin and how it saved my voice talent tail

Posted on October 10, 2012 by


I have always been a big believer in Linkedin, and knew it would grow. The website also saved my tail quite often at work. How?

As a community manager of Voice123, I was often told by many social media “gurus”, that I should not waste my time with it. But since the days of Linkedin beta, and before it was visible on Google, I picked up very fast on why I had to pay attention to it, and how it would help me. Linkedin saved my tail several times because at one point I held several different positions at Voice123. I joined discussions in groups covering the fields:

  • Public relations
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Website Quality Assurance
  • Web development (I just read about trends)
  • Community management
  • Customer service management
  • Voice overs (of course)

I joined 50 groups in total (the max), and group members helped out when I was looking for ideas, inspiration, and/or people to bounce off some thoughts. I engaged in discussions with people from:

  • Vocus (PR)
  • HubSpot (Marketing)
  • Disney and other company customer service managers (Customer service)
  • College Alumni (voice talent and actors)
  • Many enterprise community  managers (think of your biggest company and I was talking to their community manager)
  • Voice over professionals world-wide from online casting sites, unions, agents, and casting directors

I also helped those who helped me both on Linkedin Answers and at times with finding voice talent. Many in community management were telling me “Oh! Linkedin is a waste of time!”. I did not see it that way. During the early years of Linkedin, before they showed up in Google results, voice talent were talking about EVERYTHING in brutally honest discussions that most tend to avoid online. Given I was on Linkedin since beta, I also had the opportunity to talk to many people in different established companies with much more experience. I was learning from them, while working. With the heavy traffic of work at Voice123,  I was in discussions throughout the day constantly picking up advice and meeting people. In fact, Voice123 first got to meet with unions, only after a heated discussion on Linkedin finally led to a meeting in a New York hotel. The discussion ended at “If you are serious about this…let’s meet.”

My belief in Linkedin’s success was also an educated choice based on historical events. While many focused on likes and #FF’s, I spent time on Linkedin because people discussed business. I trust my knowledge of American history and the human condition. I can summarize my point by saying:

  • “The summer of love ended because people were bored with each other. They grew to realize it was time to get back to work, but they stayed connected after they started businesses, families, became lawyers etc.”. The human condition also dictates, if we stare at something too long, it begins to lose meaning after a while. Human condition dictates people can only spend so much time with each other, before they realize they need something of their own, and that requires work.

Linkedin for me, and many other voice talent, still satisfies the need to be a social creature, and get work at the same time, while connecting with people in their industry. Although my efforts on Linkedin DID NOT help with search engines from 2008 to 2011, I was picking up valuable info for work…and I REALLY needed it. At the same time, I was getting to know the customers (and non-customers) of Voice123. It helped me to community manage on a productive level for those using Voice123.

So, here I am saying in 2012, “I told you so” to many people because when Linkedin came out, and was viewed as the step-child of social media compared to Facebook and Twitter, I completely understood why it appealed to voice talent and those on Voice123.  I saw it as “business social”. Linkedin just looked like “social media for the work-a-holic”, for the purposes of building a fun career in voice overs.

Thanks to Jeff Weiner for the website, and all those in Answers and Groups!