The truth about scam issues you find in Voice123 Google search results

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Over the last week, I had seen a voice talent write something that I look at as the ‘kiss of death’ for any online voice over career. The voice talent advised a friend to look at Page 1 of search results on Google for Voice123, and to “read all the articles about scams as a way to make an informed decision”.

The funniest thing about that advice…The search results the voice talent referred to, the entire staff remembers all of it! Even more so, I had something to do with it, dealt with it in public, internally, or answered for a mistake I made. Yes…when I say, “I can explain everything”, I REALLY mean it because we watched it happen!  Now, if you are ever looking up things to find out if Voice123 is a scam, please let me set the record straight because it will help you much more than that friend who says, “You should trust what I saw on the Internet.” Today, I did this search on Google for Voice123 scam to explain what I came across, and explain why it is there to begin with.

You will find out from this, and my personal mistakes as well, the importance of understanding that online content is forever, and even more so…Voice123 never has been nor will ever be a scam:

Is Voice123 for real, or misleading people? – from an old Voice Over Savvy post

This was a forum post I saw a month before I started here back in June 2007. A voice talent demanded in live chat that we give him the names and numbers of people he auditioned for, and customer service basically said, “Sorry, we cannot release that info.” We don’t give out personal information. We are very real, and we don’t mislead people.

Voice123 and some other – On VoiceoverXtra

Ok, I cheated and left out a competitors name. 🙂  Now, the article mentions NOTHING about scams. It talks about how Voice123 prevents them, I was interviewed for it, and that article goes into more detail. John Florian, who runs VoiceoverXtra, is a great guy and knows we are not scamming anyone here. The voice industry is a small world and voice talent work here, partly for the reason of preventing scams by having informed employees.

How to Break Into Voice Overs

This is just a video from a CNBC news report featuring voice coach, Susan Berkley. That is all. I am not even sure why we showed up on that page.

Scam ALERT out of the UK!

This was ME reporting, as a community manager of Voice123 does, that there was someone cold-contacting talent, claiming to be an employee. Sorry, no scam here. We were trying to inform people.

Voice123 Members and Testimonials – Voice Acting Alliance

Wow! This one is seven years old! The company has changed so much, grown wiser, and web practices change so fast, you are wasting your time reading web content older than a year. However, people still do, and believe it, but still…we weren’t a scam back then and we are NOT one today.

A Recent Review of the Voice Over Business

This was a blog posted by voice talent, Peter O’Connell, back in February 2011. The blog contains comparisons between both major P2P sites. It contains comments by several blogging voice talent, and from what I gather through online social network interactions, he is not a fan of ours, and does not like The Voice Over Guide. That is ok. He refers to our behavior as “suspect”, and I am not sure where that came from, nor do I remember being asked to provide info for that piece. No scam here, just competitive blogging.

Voice123 Scam Report from Scam Informer!

Now, this one CRACKED US up!  Why? This post was left by a voice SEEKER, not a voice talent. The voice seeker posted a very low budget job, and voice talent did not audition for it. When he wrote me and asked why, I kindly implied that he should use SmartCast and talent directly invited may have avoided his job for the budget posted, and grammar usage in the project. He was not happy about it. Still, no scam here. Nice going voice talent! Your wise auditioning got us called a “scam”! Look what you did to us! 😀  (kidding of course)

Voice123 and (P2P) Review and Summary

This was a review of Voice123 and a competitor, by an outspoken critic of Voice123. The blog is older and out of date with its info. He goes into the numbers of why he thinks P2P’s are a waste of time, and that is fine. He shares his experiences with other websites, too. How do I view this? He cares about the industry and is defending it the way he thinks he should. Good for him! I have done the same at times defending what we do here at Voice123. Still, he knows we are not a scam. He just strongly disagrees with our very existence.

Trust me, Voice123, you really don’t want my opinion

Oh boy. This one…I almost got fired for, and I wont make any excuses. I messed up, badly, and I think many knew it and rightfully had a laugh at my expense. What happened? No scam…but I did argue with someone in a blog comment. First, I sent a mass email to Voice123 talent, and basically asked them, “I would like your no-holds barred opinion”. I meant it, but some warned me it would instigate a very negative reaction. When a co-worker pointed out the above blog, no less written by a voice talent, I took it very personal…and in public. If there is a bright side to my mistake (aside from not losing my job), I had a couple of people come to my defense; an agent and owner of another website. I was shocked. It taught me an important lesson about letting people feel what they want, and how it has nothing to do with me. Do I like that this still shows up on page 1? Not at all, but it serves as a reminder for a hard lesson learned, “let people have their say”. Still, no scam here, just an employee who had a big mouth, a bad day and paid for it.

Marketing Opportunities: SCAM Alert!

This one has absolutely NOTHING to do with us. We are just in the blogroll of this page. That is all!

Let us review now, just how much you learned about Voice123, from an objective point of view…

  • We write quite often about how we protect talent from scams.
  • Talent talk to each other, and some dislike what we do.
  • Voice seekers get upset when voice talent do not audition, but blame Voice123.
  • There is very old content online about us that is severely outdated.
  • We appear on some websites due to HTML.
  • One of the employees (me) had a big mouth on a bad day.

I still do not see how any of the above makes Voice123 a “scam”. Controversial at times? Yes, but that is a consequence of “passionate behavior” and “taking risks”. In fact, Voice123 has so much interaction with their customers, that if anyone brought a scam to our attention, we would know about it through the popular grapevines of customer service and social media.

The hardest thing about working online these days is that most simply never read past the subject line, at a time when they NEED to look deeper into “why things happen”. For every problem solved, a new solution is required for yet a new problem. And still…with Voice123…No scam!

Instead, you will find lots of well-informed, educated voice talent, who can truly help you use Voice123.

If you have any comments or questions, please fire away!