Answering the question: Who are the people at Voice123 and VoiceBunny?

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This is a response-blog to some questions heard during a discussion with voice talent recently. The question came up, “Who are you guys? It is like the only person you know is Steven, and where is everyone else?”. Well, that worried me very much. There are many people here working for you, maybe even in your neighborhood!   Warning: This is a long post, but I hope it lets you know more about us.

About us, in general…

  • We are a paperless, aggressively green, company with employees located globally. Most of us work from home, just like voice talent do. We do have an office in New York City’s Silicon Alley, at a tech community space at 902 Broadway NYC, and a co-working space in Bogota, Colombia, known as HubBog. Why? New York and Colombia are both booming tech communities. The New York and Latin American connection has been extremely helpful for staying in touch with major and growing markets. New York City is truly a melting pot where anything can happen, if you work for it.

Now…the official dossier on Voice123 and VoiceBunny staff…

Alexander Torrenegra & Tania Zapata

More people of Voice123…(you may know some of them already)

David Lecinski

  • Title: Casting Advisory Manager – Voice123
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • Quote: “I concentrate on the managerial aspects of keeping the department running smoothly while also aligning the goals of the Casting Advisory team with the overall goals of Voice123.”
  • Fun facts: Commercially rated pilot for more than 25 years and attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana where I studied Aviation Technology. Started a successful IT business and ran it for nearly 15 years and eventually sold the business in May of 2009. Voiceover talent who enjoys flying, scuba diving, mountain biking, traveling, playing the piano and spending lots of quality time with friends and family.

Abelardo Duarte

  • Title: Operations Manager – Voice123 & VoiceBunny
  • Location: Bogota, Colombia
  • Quote: “Life is full of obstacle illusions”.
  • Fun facts: “Business educated, a developer by trade, and musician at heart”.

Steven Lowell

  • Title: Community Manager – Voice123
  • Location: New York City, NY
  • Quote: “Your opinions and feelings of those in your world are directly related to how well you treat yourself, and the amount of love in your life.”
  • Fun facts: Started in voice overs while a theatre major in NY back in 1992. Worked in Times Square for 7 years during the “Quality of Life Improvement Era”. Writer and voice talent for 20 years. Quit VO’s in 2003, and got back into it due to Voice123 in 2006. Loves his wife more than anything. Enjoys music, hockey, traveling, meteorology, studying people, learning new cultures, teasing competitors, memorizing names, places, sounds, and things, and goes by the nickname “stevopedia” at work. Has an awesome Adam West autograph. Randomly gets on TV for obscure reasons to embarrass his wife for mushy reasons. Sleeps on couch a lot. Almost suspended from high school for jokes made in a student production that parodied the improv show, “Whose Line is it anyway?”. Talks too much.

Tara Tyler

  • Title: “Solutions Wizard” – VoiceBunny
  • Location: Fort Myers, Florida
  • Quote: “It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes. – Douglas Adams”
  • Fun facts: Twitter addict, Gamer (MMORPG addict), Former Radio DJ and morning show co-host, voiceover talent, Mom of an aspiring actor/voice actor, Skipped second grade

Michelle Rojas

  • Title: Casting Ninja – Voice123 & VoiceBunny
  • Location: Dallas, Texas
  • Quote: “I’m a casting ninja here at Voice123 and a freelance voice over artist, audio engineer, and writer. Some of my clients include FUNimation, Okratron5000, Winter Wolves, and S2 Games.”
  • Fun facts: Has four energetic dogs and five lazy cats that love to eat (not including her husband). Her 3rd grader tends to keep her on her toes and always thinking. When not working, she enjoys playing video games, watching anime, cooking, attempting to take photographs, and relaxing at the spa. Given her active position at Voice123, you will speak with her soon!

Felecia Angelle

  • Title: Casting Ninja (part-time weekends) Voice123 & VoiceBunny
  • Location: Dallas, Texas
  • Quote: “I’m a bookworm (or Library Mouse, as I’ve learned from my Spanish-speaking co-workers!), nerd, and cooking show addict. When I’m not working as a Casting Ninja I spend my time as a Voice Over Talent.”
  • Fun facts: Recently married. Attended voice talent meetups in Dallas with Voice123 talent, held by Bettye Zoller. Knew she wanted to act after being cast in a school play at age 10.  Interests include anime, which led her to VO. From southwest Louisiana originally, and lives in Dallas with her new husband and ferrets, Caper and Ruse, for four years.”

Carmen Tejeda

  • Title: Casting Ninja – Voice123 & VoiceBunny
  • Location: Bogota, Colombia
  • Quote:”Soy muy feliz de ser parte de Voice123 y VoiceBunny. Me encuentro dedicada 100% a mis hijos Vanessa & Samuel, a mi trabajo como Casting Ninja, a mis estudios en Piscología y a desarrollar un proyecto educativo para la primera infancia en mi comunidad. También me encuentro en las etapas iniciales de mi carrera como voice over. Me encanta sentir la alegria de compartir con la gente, ayudar y aprender, por eso soy tan feliz en mi trabajo ya que me encuentro rodeada de muy buenas personas, muy inteligentes y talentosas tanto dentro mi equipo de trabajo, como entre los talentos y clientes que usan nuestros servicios y con quienes interactúo a diario.”
  • Fun facts: Carmen has been with Voice123 since 2005. Voice123 veteran, very familiar with the US-market of voice talent, and trained by Voice123 talent located in Bogota, Colombia.

Tara Kray

  • Title: Casting Ninja – Voice123 & VoiceBunny
  • Location: sunny southern Florida!
  • Quote: “Casting Ninjas do, well, pretty much anything that needs to be done! Everything thing from helping new Talents navigate the site, figuring out the best way to post a project, or sometimes just being a source of encouragement and support!”
  • Fun facts: Tara can be most often found in dance class when she’s not working.

Sheyla Scaffo

  • Title: Operations and Accounting Padawan – Voice123 & VoiceBunny
  • Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Quote: I love life and enjoy every minute of it! My family is my happiness and also my number one supporter! Cooking and Makeup artistry are my passion!
  • Fun facts: Sheyla has been assisting Voice123 operations for more than a year out of Secaucus, NJ. Recently moved back to Uruguay, and will be missed in NYC!

Juan Suescun

  • Title: Casting Ninja – Voice123 & VoiceBunny
  • Location: Bogota, Colombia
  • Fun facts: Juan is a long-time member of Voice123 since 2006. You may have spoken to him several times in the past. He certainly has gotten know the voice talent through listening to millions of auditions and demos since starting here.

Michelle Falzon (new! Weekends only!)

  • Title: Casting Ninja  – Voice123 & VoiceBunny
  • Location: Metro Detroit, Michigan
  • Fun facts: Michelle Falzon is a voice talent and audio producer located in Metro Detroit. She began studying voice-over and acting when she was 13 years old. After high school, she went straight out to Manhattan, where she studied Voice, Speech and Theatre at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She has a radio background doing writing and production. This January, Michelle will return to Oakland University (Michigan) to obtain her Masters Degree in Communication & Advertising. Michelle is also the voice of the Shakeweight ads!

More about Voice123 and VoiceBunny Product Development

Don’t be fooled by them appearing at the bottom of this post. Their importance is critical to the lives of auditioning voice talent everywhere. I discovered over the last 5 years here, that web development is just as much an artistic form of expression, as is voice acting, singing, and dancing. The co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, once expressed to me in a lecture, “Anyone who thinks a coder is not an artist, has no idea what they are talking about.”

Henry Canastero

  • Title: Lead Developer – Voice123 and VoiceBunny
  • Location: Bogota, Colombia
  • Quote: “I am a hacker, ninja developer, technology enthusiast, father, husband, and music lover”.
  • Fun fact: Henry does not like to write much about himself. 😛

Angel “Mesi” Rendon

  • Title: Ninja Developer – Voice123 & VoiceBunny
  • Location: Bogota, Colombia
  • Quote: “I would love to believe that when I die, I will live again… that some thinking, feeling, remembering part of me will continue. But as much as I want to believe that, and despite the ancient and world-wide cultural traditions that assert an afterlife, I know of nothing to suggest that it is more than wishful thinking.” – Carl Sagan”
  • Fun facts: There are two things I really love to do Listens to music, especially thrash metal having drinks with friends.

Jorge Vargas

  • Title: Developer Ninja – VoiceBunny
  • Location: Bogota, Colombia
  • Quote: “Geek, gamer and sometimes a coder; but never so serious. I love videogames, you can find me kickin’ some noobs in League of Legends and Battlefield 3. I’m really interested in gamification that’s why I usually build friendly and fun front-end components for Voicebunny.”

Carlos Rodriguez

  • Title: Senior Developer – VoiceBunny
  • Location: Bogota, Colombia
  • Fun fact: Hard to catch a moment with for blogs like this! 😛

Juan Carlos Martinez

  • Title: Developer Ninja – VoiceBunny
  • Location: Bogota, Colombia
  • Quote: “Que mejor para describirme que mi novia – tienes buena comunicación con tus compañeros de trabajo eres bueno con tus ideas te gustan los retos. Aunque no te gusten los cambios estas preparado te gusta trabajar en equipo.”

Javier Andres “Maestro” Mesa

  • Title: Graphic Design – Voice123 & VoiceBunny
  • Location: Bogota, Colombia
  • Fun facts: Amazing bass player and creative mind. Worked with Alex Torrenegra for many years on several different projects.

Final note: This is a team of open-minded, dedicated, skilled, highly intelligent, quirky, creative, fun, and professional web developers & voice artists, on the cutting edge of what will be the global voice industry of the future. We understand it is an on-going effort, with ups, downs, highs, lows etc. To exist, survive, create, and innovate, one must always operate with the highest levels of integrity, moral compass, and desire to always improve, invent, or re-invent. Hope this helps answer the question, “Who are you?”. 😀

Any questions about us? Please ask away!