Big reason offline voice talent have troubles working online

Posted on September 17, 2012 by


This is an observation drawn from working, and auditioning offline, while working with Voice123. It touches on a big reason why I have seen offline voice talent have troubles working online:

  • Applying the competitive aggressive attitude in the wrong environment
  • Offline requires a more aggressive behavior, as you are auditioning in person against other voice talent.
  • If that behavior stumbles into an online environment of social media and emails, simply put, it costs people work.

It is weird, for me, to go to auditions offline. When I sit in a room with a handful of people I have written emails to, or met in person, my natural instinct is to say hello, and smile. I sometimes forget that in an offline environment, those casting offices are not places to socialize. I am sitting across from my competition. Fair enough…it is a different playground. I forgot where I was for a moment. So, I go back to work later on, and start answering emails again for Voice123. Now, addressing the topic, I get back to work and start to see what voice talent say to clients and each other in emails or social media. Quite often, I think, “Wow! What is wrong?!” because I see that aggressive and competitive spirit jump right off the page, in a bad way. What you say in an email can be far more destructive than saying it in person. Why? Simply because when we are afforded the boundary and opportunity to be brazen and not have to explain yourself or your opinions, the delete button is like a big “Get lost!”.

Given this is work, 2 of the most important things a voice talent can do in an email to a client:

1. Be positive

2. Watch your choice of words.

Keep in mind…

  • You may be the nicest, most genuine person in the world, but communicating online requires a different approach.
  • Translating that tough, competitive attitude into text can appear upset or angry in an email.
  • With no face-to-face interaction, the client only has your written word to indicate your attitude.

Take a look at this text:

  • “I am busy now. Thanks anyway. Later.”

If you are a busy offline/online talent…do you see how ‘written vs. spoken’, this text can mean two completely different things in two separate casting environments? You want the right person to be speaking for you, depending on the environment.