Update for Voice123 users with GoDaddy domains

Posted on September 10, 2012 by


This is a special post done today for Voice123 users, who have GoDaddy domain email addresses.

This month, Voice123 was plagued with emails about why their email addresses were bouncing. Here is what happened:

SO…what happened in regards to Voice123?

  • Voice talent began receiving emails with the subject line: “Email problems?”
  • These voice talent also paid for a GoDaddy domain email, typically, an address that looked like “(first name)@(first and last name).com”
  • On the Voice123 profile, a bounced email message appeared stating when the last email sent by Voice123 was bounced back.

About the error message…In order to fix this error message on Voice123:

  • If you want, you can read the error message, which I highly recommend, so you know what happened.
  • To get rid of it, click on the “Close” button to restart the emails again.

If you were wondering, “Hey! Why no invites!”, it may just have been your email address. Invites always go to your audition inbox, and the emails are just notifications. If your emails stop coming or you received the above, check your Voice123 account.

Please understand that this outage  is beyond Voice123’s control.

Although…I appreciate that you think we are bigger than GoDaddy, enough to make them fix it. But…it would be nice to be a NASCAR sponsor. 😀 😀 😀
ps- The most reliable address I use for Voice123 emails is a gmail account.