Who you should listen to: Part II – Props

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This is part II of yesterday’s post, “Who you should listen to and never listen to for advice online”. This is more of list, however. I am going to start naming names!

I have come to know and trust the people below over the years in Voice123. Before this looks like one big endorsement, you should know that not everyone here were always fans of things Voice123 did. I appreciate them deeply for their dedication, creativity, honesty, skill, business skill, and reputation. How they feel about Voice123, could be completely different. πŸ˜€ Answering this question now, covering several different topics, “Who should I listen to for voice over advice online?”.

Using Voice123 and dealing with SmartCast: (see search feature for profiles)

Michelle Falzon
September Day Carter
Scott Pollak
Marc Scott
Bettye Zoller
JS Gilbert
Kristin Lennox
Ben Bledsoe
Voice123 staff

Reason? They are successful as talent and some also coach. They all possess the technical knowledge, understanding of working online, and the important skill of job selection. Each of the above have past experiences with the website that I have learned from. They also have experience with other websites. Some of the above I actually met online before starting here in 2007. Online casting is close to 10 years old now, and there are reasons for it.

Blogging, social media, and all-around helpful online content:

Any community manager from a successful website. You should follow the hashtag #cmgrchat on Twitter and see what is discussed.

Reason? I noticed through personal interactions, and the resulting content following, that they are unselfish with their knowledge, generous, and wise.

Building your home studio, mic selection etc:

Reason? There are people that, if you just listen to them talk about what they know, you find out amazing new things. I do have a Harlan Hogan set up at home, combined with advice from each of the above.

Advice on what to charge for certain work:

I don’t like rate cards when it comes to online work. In my opinion, rate cards, standards, and minimums can all be used as tools by clients to teach themselves how to under-quote voice talent. Your wallet, kids, mortgage, bills, sanity, and landlord know how much you should charge. I realize that “DIY response” offers only a preamble, but I will say the first rate card I used as a jumping point was a comparison shop of Voice123 and Edge Studio’s. If you want black and white answers for what to charge, you will not find that answer from someone else. It will come through your knowledge of what you need combined with your due diligence.

Reason? The range of clients online stretches from traditional US-market all the way to in-store videos at bars in Thailand.

Advice on what to do with troubled clients

  • Robert Sciglimpaglia
  • Independent thinkers who hate escrow systems
  • Myself, or anyone who once worked with fraud cases

Reason? Experience, and speaking for myself, I discovered 8 years ago that I was tired of asking people to fight my battles for me. The discovery process that came with it, taught me valuable lessons I could share with others. In another life, I would have been a lawyer or a cop.

Great support websites for voice talent:

Reason? Their growth and sustainability is a reflection of the voice talent support. You need to surround yourself with people who understand what you do, because not many will.

Copy Reading advice:

Reason? You can never go wrong with tough love and experience, as your foundation for learning.

Online marketing, SEO, and web/blog design for voice talent:

Reason? Tons of unselfish information out there for you at low or no cost. Do your homework, and ask people who specialize in this stuff!

Who you should never listen to?

  • Yourself ONLY when you get an attack of theintrusive thoughts that creep in when you want an excuse to quit.

Who would you like to add, and what are they great at offering advice in?

ps- If we know each other and I left you out, take no offense. I am grateful to know that many, and this post would have turned into a book.