To tell the truth…

Posted on September 5, 2012 by


This is a blog aimed at helping voice talent on Voice123, who work online, or have the desire to do so at some point.

Voice123 is mainly US-based, with over 75% of active premium subscribers, living and working in the United States as voice actors. It is wildly amazing how the process of taking a quote, email, or phrase out of context, for the purposes of appearing “more truthful” or “more righteous” than someone else, has become such a common form of selling. Incredibly, these actions trickle down to create perceptions, obligations, and expectations of all online businesses, and people within them, to tell the truth.

This blog effort is a reaction to a disturbing trend, not only in social media, but in online content in general, all that affects voice talent and the voice industry. The one thing that used to drive me nuts about being a voice actor, artist, or all around free-thinker in an offline environment, is when someone would come along in a position of influence and say, “Here are some etiquette tips for do’s and dont’s”. They often read more like controlling rule books with horrible advice that crushes the creative spirit. Information should always serve growth, not prevent it.

In the spirit of an election year that seems to have generated an unrealistic demand for absolute truths, Voice123 will go for it.

We will tackle some issues we chose not to in the past, and you may or may not agree with what is written. That is ok because I can assure you…it will help. This is being done to help voice talent avoid the nonsensical rhetoric that plagues the Internet with false info about companies and people, bad advice, and the REAL reasons people succeed and fail. To not write about what we know…would be failing people who trust Voice123. People who don’t trust Voice123…will believe what they wish, and that is fine. The info just needs to be “out there”. It is time.

The first article will appear tomorrow: “Who you should listen to, and never listen to, for advice online, and why”

If you have any topics you would like to see written about, please post a comment.

We will also write about new offers for Voice123 subscriptions, too. Ultimately, however, this whole effort is about giving you the best information and chances to get work for a modern day voice talent.

Have fun and enjoy what you do! Don’t hold back!