Hitting your own reset button

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Did you ever spend hours, days, and dollars, listening to the advice of people…feeling 100% completely armed with the knowledge to attack auditioning on Voice123…and then you do not book work? It can be maddening. There comes a time when you have to hit your own reset button.

What do I mean? Maybe you find yourself making these statements or questions:

“What am I doing wrong?”

  • A dangerous question because you won’t like the answer. There are no absolutes in an artistic field, but there is a wrong way…letting the abstract nature bother you. People can give you “tips” forever, and we all need them, but it does not mean we will work.

“I did what I was told was best, but nothing seems to work”

  • Indeed, another dangerous way to think. The “artist” never does what he/she is told to do, and THAT is why we love artists. We do not flock to movie theaters to watch “How to…” films. We love artists because they represent the rebel inside all of us that wants to “perform life”.
  • Surprisingly, the irony is that the less you care about what others think of your work, the more likely you will succeed.
  • Does the song “I did it my way” inspire you? What if Sinatra sang with all the heart in the world, “I did what everyone told me to do!”. Frightening.

“I know I am a professional, but I am not getting work online”

  • This is a sore subject that has generated years of online content and resentment towards Internet casting sites for nearly a decade. Maybe….that has a great deal to do with why problems continue.
  • You see….I am a professional. You are a professional, and there are many out there looking at this saying, “I am friends with many professionals.”
  • Well…simply put…if you believe something is your Achilles heel, or not, either way you will be correct. I have the unique opportunity here to listen to thousands of people audition a month. When you get to know people well enough, you can see and hear when people have “off days”.
  • What I always found makes auditioning from home so difficult, for those working normally in traditional business environments, is the change in routine. The new routine change involves learning the new ecosystem. Not surprisingly, the #1 reason online businesses fail is because they try to adapt offline thinking into an online environment.

The dreaded…It may just be you or your voice

  • There are some, who simply do not have the upbringing or nucleus, that prepared them to be in the industry. One thing you can experiment with…Take a look at this book, “The Artist’s Way”.
  • If you finish that book, and have a craving for reality or a new job at an insurance company, you may have discovered, “This ain’t my career path”.
  • If you read it and think, “Duh. I knew that.”  or “WOW!!!”, you may have a hunger or an itch for the business. Dedication over a life-time is something you have to be aware of for yourself.
  • Regardless, even with all the practice in the world, one may have a voice that does not fit enough work out there to make a living, and that is fine. You can still stay in the business, maybe just not in the way you had expected. Maybe one day you can influence change so much that your voice will be needed. It happens.
  • However, such a dedication will never exist, if the career path chosen leans towards seeking validation from others. I call it, “Giving a s**t about your career, so much so, that you seriously do not give a s**t.” But if you do not love what you do, no one else will save you.

“I am not the problem. You are the problem.”

  • If someone is not hiring you, that is the problem. But keep in mind the importance of never taking anything personal. You are not selling vacuum cleaners. You are selling “you”, and if “you” do not fit what is required, someone has to say, “You are not right for this.” or “I don’t want you.” or “You will not be considered”.
  • It is true that you should not be concerned with others opinions of your work, but you should listen to that opinion for as long as it is useful. You should never attack someone for having an opinion, or refer to them as not professional for not appreciating you. Fact is, they may have appreciated you. You just did not fit the job…but no one appreciates a sore loser. You shake it off and keep going. In an Internet world…you are dealing with a MUCH larger audience, and you will hear opinions, for better or worse. If you allow that to emotionally sting, you will be consumed with resentment for “people”, and that will affect the way you sound. Be very careful not to become another person because of the random opinions of strangers.
  • Did you ever watch a public access, local cable television commercial? They would not know what to do with a person, who does voice overs for a living.

Hitting your own reset button

  • Everything that you believe is keeping you from getting work today…Challenge it. Write it down, and throw it out. Do the complete opposite. Get behind the mic, and throw caution to the wind. There are reasons success seems to show up when we work hardest, and then, completely start over with a new way of thinking. You learned what you could, and now it is time to break the rules.
  • For the record, when I test the site and submit absolutely strange reads, completely trying to sound ridiculous…these tests never get rankings. lol
  • “Consistency is the death of good acting” – Michael Shurtleff

Believe me, with all that is available online that allows people to be creative, you need to not follow rules, now more than ever.

What do you think? 🙂