Spam and unwanted voice work

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If you check your email every morning looking for voice work from Voice123, even in 2012, chances are you still deal with spam, barristers, Canadian pharmacies, and unwanted voice work. Did you ever look at all of it, and ask yourself “Why do I still see this when everyone knows it is not helping anyone?”.

The answer regarding “spam”?

Someone falls for it every single day. It’s a big world. To avoid it, if your gut tells you “I do not know where this is coming from”, then don’t open it. Myself, I get spammed through Twitter every single day by voice talent accounts with “I can’t believe what they are saying about you!” spam. Admittedly, I almost fell for that one day, but by coincidence, I chose to read other direct messages first.

Regarding “unwanted voice work”?

The answer is a bit more complicated. Back in 2003, the way Voice123 “disrupted” the voice over industry was by empowering voice talents to work directly with clients aka voice seekers. This ultimately means…”When the talent says “No”, the voice seeker goes elsewhere.” Yet, this power was very new for many talent, and it was hard to know what to do with the majority of jobs first posted on the site were voice jobs for Powerpoint presentations. Around March 2004, however, Voice123 started keeping track with a project directory. The very first voice job posted on it looks really good. Interesting to note…the auditions were never opened. There was a time, indeed, where it was hard to tell the “real deal” from what “looks good”. The current Voice123 offers information to help you discern between the two, and it is not about seeing “what looks good”. It is about seeing “how a person is using Voice123”. This information is on EVERY project details page, and to not look at it, may lead you to only audition for shallow reasons regarding higher budgets, and “what the person said they do”. Make sure you check the following before auditioning!

  • Voice-Seeker Details
  • Profile of the Voice Seeker
  • List of voice projects posted in the past

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…and after you looked at that, THEN go back and look at the budget, job description, and do a Google search of anything you see that makes you wonder. If you are thinking, “I dont have time for all this…”, remember that the extra 60 seconds you take to look at this, will save you hours of editing, recording, frustration, wondering why reads are not opened, and will shape your experience with the website. Ultimately, “the talent” decides what is “unwanted voice work”. From experience, we have seen jobs from major Hollywood productions to voice work for in-store videos you see in retail stores. Voice talent decide what stays and goes on Voice123. This is always a work-in-progress, too, simply because people have their own preferences for work.

Stay informed! The key is finding like-minded people to work with!