The skin invested by the community in the voice casting game

Posted on August 20, 2012 by


Through thousands of feedback emails sent to Voice123, once in a while, we receive one that stands out as a thought process, which is potentially very harmful for personal business growth.

Over the weekend, we were sent the following feedback:

  • “Seekers don’t pay or get charged to find talent. This is the only thing that concerns me. The seekers can come on here and do anything without any repercussions. But, when it comes to the talent there are definite consequences to everything we do on here. They have no “skin in the game”.”

First things first…I realize websites pop up from time to time, and state belittling things about other services, including the talent and clients using our service,  for the very purposes of selling their own service, but honestly, that is not a voice talent’s game to be concerned with. If you work professionally, chances are you will never find out how Voice123 deals with unprofessional activity in terms of quality assurance, job approval, and other activity. Every Voice123 user and staff faces definite consequences for what they do, for better or worse. Everyone has skin in the game.

Second…I was reminded last week, on a personal level, of the skin invested by the entire community in the voice casting game. How? I was asked to post a job to find local voice talent in New York City. It was for a job recording at a production house owned by a friend of my uncle, and the same studio I spent the better part of the 1990’s stalking to get voice work from, while trying hard to cash in on the fortunate family-relation. Well, needless to say…Years past that now, and in a different position, I received a phone call Tuesday from an assistant to the very person I spent years attempting to work with. His exact words were:

  • “My boss told me to contact you because he is out of town and your uncle explained where you work. He says you work at Voice123 and you would be a good person to help him find voice talent.”

The first thought that struck my mind was… “This guy finally calls in 2012!!! He has access to good work. He needs the best voice recordings. I want him coming back again and again. He pays better.” I then started to explain SmartCast to the assistant, but he did not care. I explained the search feature, and he did not care. He told me:

  • “My boss is away and he gave me your name. Can you help me take care of this? This project has to be completed somewhat quickly.”

The first job I posted last week contained a mistake. I had to re-post it because all the men read for a female part. That was my bad 100%! Did I have time to send out a large apology to each of them, telling them how much I appreciated their auditions? No, but embarrassed now, the same voice talent would get the same invite again, and I would have to directly invite others to compensate for my mistake. I would explain it in the job re-post. Think now of what this means…I am posting and re-posting this job to bring more jobs…so the guy with better paying  jobs keeps coming back to pay talent…so the talent who invest in the website will be paid better…because the better paying people want to pay talent, and not pay the website. In fact, if they pay the website, the belief is that the “website” is the investment, not the talent, so the talent loses negotiating power. Therefore, breaking it down, here is the skin everyone has in this game:

  • When the website experience is poor for any reason (and I do mean ANY reason), someone stands to lose either money, a job, or career embarrassment.
  • The “skin” everyone has in this game is that we are all doing jobs; be it work for a website, hiring, or auditioning. This is no different from life working offline, other than the fact the communication method has changed.
  • Websites are communication tools. People are still pushing the buttons.

Awareness of such a thing will help you look at online activity for any job on Voice123, and help you professionally decide before you work with someone, “I cannot work with that person because they decided to (insert reason). They do not seem to be invested in this (insert job, career, or audition).”

Make no mistake. For every action the community of individuals take, there are always positive and negative ripple effects for all users of the Voice123 website. If things are seeming a bit unfair, take the time to walk in the shoes of those you think have it easy. The new perspectives will be eye-opening!
By the way…The auditions received were great. You will know more when I know.  🙂