Answering your questions about Premium Platinum Subscriptions

Posted on August 11, 2012 by


Earlier this week, Voice123 announced that they will now offer a Premium Platinum Subscription. Your questions came in throughout the week, so I figured we can answer them in one big shot!

“Why do you appear to be “soft selling” this, when it seems like something many would want?”

  • Simply put… Price, responsibility, transparency, and we still think SmartCast offers a great service.
  • Price…We are making a point, “If it seems too high, it will not make sense for you to have it.”
  • Responsibility…Voice123 already knows you can’t have hundreds of voice talent auditioning for one job. It creates a race to the bottom.
  • Transparency…Websites are obligated to explain what they are doing to help you decide. If they don’t, you are using the wrong website.
  • We think SmartCast works…There are talent who benefit from SmartCast by reminding them of their choices throughout the year.

“Who would want this and why? What does it mean?” Specifically voice talent who…

  • Tired of using multiple accounts on Voice123
  • Want to use ONE account, ONE email address, and ONE website (Our work pays better by talent’s choice)
  • These folks are at the top of their game. They audition 12-15 times a day, selective, and still work on top of that…It is now a life-style and full-time job.

“Am I right for this?”

  • You will know when you know. Honestly, you wont pay more and suddenly get more work just because you are first.
  • I read stories of people who went out and purchased ISDN, a new mic, and new studio, but they had never even made a demo, taken an acting class, or edited before. Although it is cheaper to get started now than years past, the skills required for business and acting have not. You will just know when you are ready because it will make sense to you.

“Will it affect those on SmartCast right now, or will more jobs go to these folks?”

  • No, not at all. Not everyone is right for every job. People use websites to get more quality choices. If they thought they would only get the same few items each time, eventually they would get sick of the store.

“Are you serious? Where do you get these ideas?”

  • Since July 2007, Voice123 has had a customer feedback service in place handled by voice talent to translate the needs of other voice talent. Ideas for solutions to problems come from the Voice123 community at large.

“Why are you treating voice talent like second-class citizens?”

  • OK, now wait. That’s way over the top! Why? Some history…
  • For years, Voice123 has had an average of 4000 voice talent as premium subscribers. Out of that group, especially those who endured the SmartCast release in July 2007, there were less than 100 who told us, “I love you guys, but you drive me nuts. I get hired all the time. I only want to use YOU. Please meet me halfway!”  We are helping people who have already been working around the website.
  • Ultimately, very little has changed, other than creating a convenient method for voice talent. Also, again, I mentioned before…If you run a website and you do not come clean with people about what you offer, your transparency is called into question.
  • One final note on that….Your reality is what you make of it. You define yourself, and no one else.

“How does this compare to other similar subscriptions out there?”

  • Fun fact: We have no idea. But YOU have told us. You see…In January 2008, I wrote my first blog for Voice123, and the same day all of my accounts on competing websites that I had before working here, were removed. I got the boot!  LOL  😛   Hey…I understand competition. It’s cool. Never be afraid to be competitive, as long as you show respect. Competition is a part of any business!

If you are interested in this Premium Platinum subscription, please email me at