Voice123 Offers Premium Platinum Subscriptions

Posted on August 8, 2012 by


In the past few years, a select group of voice talent have approached us with the questions…

  • “Can I pay more to see all the auditions I will match to, before anyone else?”
  • “Do I really need SmartCast? I know what I am doing.”

These same voice talent have outsmarted SmartCast! How?

  • They created two or more Premium Subscription accounts
  • They bounced back and forth between emails depending on which account was slower to receive invites

Now, Voice123 is going to offer a Premium Platinum subscription to Voice123. Why?

  • In 2008, 2009, & 2012, we tried testing a version of Voice123 that included “matching” ONLY.
  • We did this after finding out that certain voice talent, who were doing amazing on Voice123, told us why they need two or more accounts.
  • They did not like jumping from email to email.

What will Premium Platinum Membership offer?

  • You match a job exactly…you get invited first
  • No rankings, no stats, no SmartCast (You will still see this info, but it wont apply)
  • Free one-on-one webinar to help you make the best use of your account.

How does this type of thing work?

  • Simply put, the boxes you check off in Voice Details and My Demos match you to jobs posted.
  • If the boxes you check off match the job posting exactly, you get invited first.
  • You would basically avoid the math behind SmartCast.
  • You save headaches of using several accounts across multiple emails and platforms.
  • You no longer have to concern yourself with SmartCast. You match…you get invited.

Why now and how much?

  • We found this to be an effective way for talent to have 1 account, and 1 email.
  • $1500 USD,  but you can prorate this amount ($1200 USD), if you are currently a paying Premium Subscriber
  • Affiliates to Voice123 will receive 10% commission on such subscriptions.

The ideal person for such an offer…

  • Finds a $1500 tax write-off attractive
  • Uses Voice123 mainly as a career, or close to it
  • Books more than 5 jobs a month
  • Admittedly…never wanted SmartCast to begin with

Does this mean “All the work will go to certain people”?

  • No. Not everyone is right for every job.
  • We always encourage people to be selective, no matter what.
  • Voice seekers enjoy being able to hire more than one person from Voice123. It is why they have their own accounts with saved voice talent.

Some balanced Pros & Cons testimonials from voice talent, who tested this in July 2012:

  • Pro – ” I believe it would be worth it because you truly have more exclusive access to jobs that you have a higher chance of booking.”
  • Con – “I enjoyed the concierge feel at first, but realized after auditioning that much, my ROI was less than when I was selective.”
  • Pro – “I made over $8000 in the 3-week test period, but noticed I began auditioning for people again I normally wouldn’t.”
  • Con – “I noticed I am not that good in such casting environments where I can submit for everything. SmartCast helps manage my choices. I am fine with it.”

Interested or have questions? Please email me at steven@voice123.com.

Not interested? That is great, too. We found while doing these tests that professional voice talent feel Voice123 still offers the best casting technology available, yet we understand some would like to try an alternative.