The Biggest Mistake P2P Users Make

Posted on August 7, 2012 by


Five years into working for Voice123, two years prior…using “P2P” sites (aka. Pay-to-Play online casting for voice overs), almost 1000 blogs written, 3 million auditions, and nearly 100,000 emails later…Still…I see the same mistake being made by voice talent of ALL types of experience. It is still the biggest mistake a P2P user can make:

  • Having similar perceptions of P2P’s based on the shallow reasoning “they require the same approach” because “I pay to audition”.

Why is this such a costly mistake?

Ultimately, if you are of the perception that all P2P’s are the same, your business actions reflect your perception. Clients do not have your perceptions!

More about this…What I am talking about:

  • Every client will use a website for its specific “mojo” ie. its attitude, marketing, and technology. How are you communicating on Voice123?
  • Voice123 clients do not want 400 auditions. Are you auditioning thinking “I gotta be first!”? It is not why they are here.
  • Every business has a theory of “how things should be”. It affects who uses Voice123.
  • Not all websites are the same because of functions they offer. Do you know what they are, why they are used, and when?

Some fun…A Top-10 List of  “did you know’s” about Voice123…Did you know:

  1. Most clients have no clue what “voice seeker” means
  2. Voice123 does not use “minimums” because it is proven it leads to lower paying work, and removes a talents ability to negotiate
  3. The #1 client complaint of Voice123 is “talent are too expensive”
  4. The #2 client complaint is Voice123’s messaging system
  5. The #3 client complaint is “Why did I not get any auditions?”?
  6. Complaint #1 and #3 are related.
  7. The lowest ranked voice talent on Voice123, also submitted more auditions than any other premium subscriber last month
  8. The satisfaction rating for auditions range between 79% -90%, with the lowest ratings coming in summer and the December holidays
  9. Voice123 has a staff of former P2P-users, is Union-compatible, and still sticks to a $295/yr membership, with no monthly subscription
  10. Despite over 100,000 talent profiles, Voice123 has averaged 4,000 premium subscribers for the last 5 years, yet the amount of clients on Voice123 has doubled

Well, you may think “all P2P’s are the same”. This belief will cost you work, and if voice talent were not getting work, we would not be here. Why? You pay us for services to help clients pay you for your services, and if they pay you enough, you will feel fine about paying for our services again. It is business, and a fair trade-off we believe in, which reminds me… Did you know…:

  1. We do not auto-renew subscriptions?
  2. We lose money when you don’t work, even though we don’t take commission on jobs booked
  3. We encourage certain people to not upgrade to a Premium Subscription, if we hear or see they would not be competitive

This is a professionally competitive website of quality voice talent that respects voice actors’ needs for no BS, with plenty of honesty and transparency. A voice actor “sells all day”, so you need not be “sold to”. Voice123 is about “getting voice work”, and serious dedication to doing something we all seriously love. Consider it a stance we have passionately defended for years, and yes, at times earned us a rep as “bad guys”, but tougher choices are very familiar to any artist. We figure, “if you get work…this will work”. From experience, the best feeling in the world is to say, “I am a full-time voice actor”, but that happens through dedication and hard work; not Happy Meals.

To group us in with all P2P’s based on a foundation of “I pay to audition”…you are making a huge mistake because your perceptions may create a reality that has set you up to not succeed.