Schooled by Youtube and loving it

Posted on August 7, 2012 by


Voice123 has a Youtube page with a gallery of professional voice over work booked through the website.

In the past, when seeking videos we mentioned specifically that we had to have a voice seekers permission in writing. Some approached and said, “They said it was fine”, and the reply was from us, “We still need an email letting us know.” Does that sound like a pain to contact voice seekers and ask them? Yep. Why do it? Well, not long ago I was informed a video was fine to upload, and last week a voice seeker filed a copyright claim against our account. The video is the result of being told a voice seeker was ok with posting. It was not true. As a result….

Youtube schooled me! They would not let me activate my account again until I watched the video below and even had to take a test!

Personally, I love this video. Granted, it is making fun of me, but hey…I was the dumber party here. It pokes fun at a certain harmful belief system that also plagues artists and companies online. You may notice it has been viewed over 2 million times:

Did you ever notice the Internet first feels like this vast open job fair of opportunity with no rules, and suddenly one day…You are told “No, sorry. I cannot allow you to do that.”  It garners the reactions:

  • “How dare you stop me from doing what I love!”
  • “What are you? A Communist!?!”

Why does it happen? Like it or not, everybody at some point starts to protect their own business, even if it all seemed like one big “love-in” at the start. The nice thing about this video…It is better than being slapped with fines, and having no chance to rectify a simple mistake. I believe it also applies to those who think sharing their work on Soundcloud is just “good natured web usage.” You see…Not every business wants a voice talent showing up higher in search engines on Google for the very ad campaign that took thousands of dollars to produce, only because the voice talent may be better at online marketing. Did you ever see a project on Voice123 display ***********?  That is usually the business protecting their search rankings, not “hiding with intent to deceive”.

Education is beautiful. Enjoy the video. I hope you never see it. 😀