How to Achieve Warm and Fuzzies on Voice123 with clients

Posted on August 3, 2012 by


Do you REALLY know the way to achieve ‘warm and fuzzies’ with Voice123 clients? First thing, audio quality and great copy reading is a given. Moving forward…

What is “warm and fuzzy”? The excited cerebral reaction a client has to a voice talent auditioning, and then working with them after the audition process is done. At the end of the transaction, the client is left feeling:

  • “Look at how smart I am for finding this voice talent, and wow, look at the amount of time they saved me! They were just wonderful!”

Breaking that down:

  • The voice talent saved the client time. Nothing feels more amazing than professional quality provided fast.
  • The voice talent made the client feel smarter for finding him/her because the talent was easy to work with.
  • Everyone wants to be a voice actor, even if only for a day. When the voice talent is down-to-earth, human, and personable in online communications, you make them feel amazing for letting them into your world.

Achieving this reaction is easier than you think:

  • Put your contact info in the remarks area. You can do that on Voice123. We know you have to do it. The more options you subtly offer, the better. Dont ask them. Tell them! “I can be reached here (insert your info)”). Not everyone likes our messaging system; some loathe it. Give them an option around our system, and we offer an option to use it.
  • Be aware of how many auditioned. Lengthy remarks that require a person to scroll down, when they have many auditions to hear creates extra work for the voice seeker that you can both cut out.
  • When communicating via emails or remarks, be human about it. They are enjoying you. Don’t kill their buzz. Avoid bringing up things that ‘their world’ does not know or care about. It is very exciting to come across a voice actor you have heard on TV, cartoon, or video game. Leave the remarks short, and sweet, and in doing so you let them think, “I know what you want. I just saved you time.”
  • Leave personal opinions out of your remarks, especially those about the project, or your personal life. If you are a beautiful person offline, let that translate online. I have no number to prove this, but I noticed many voice talent out of Atlanta, Georgia do well with Voice123. I traveled around the USA and still wonder if it is that southern charm they like. I am not sure. Small side note…I have had voice seekers ask me, not in a bad way, “Why do so many thank me for the ability to audition? Didn’t Voice123 provide that?”. I believe in saying please and thank you, always, but I can see how a misplaced “thank you” can cause a communication issue.

All of what I am mentioning started in the remarks section on Voice123. We are relatively laid back about it because we found over the years that many become premium subscribers “just for the exposure”. They keep coming back because their clients find them on the search feature for premium subscribers, and $295 a year becomes a welcomed tax deduction. In addition, there is a user experience involved. We have fun little buttons to display contact info, yes, but not everyone WANTS to use them. They mostly want to hear professional voice talent, connect, and hire them. Your clients can be your fans, too, and warm & fuzzies will turn into profit. Finally…as always, I caution everyone: What I wrote here not an invitation to be a doormat.

It is an invitation to show clients that you know how to save them time, be professional about your business, and make working with you a pleasure. 😀