Voice seeker perspectives of feedback for voice talent

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A common request we receive at Voice123 is to “make voice seekers use the ranking system”, or “suggest they use it”. Well…we always have for many years. 🙂

For me, as a voice talent who once used the website, one of the most powerful experiences I had was using Voice123 to hire voice talent for real work. It was at that time that I realized that Voice123 is not just a “website”. Voice123 is actually TWO websites in one, that talk to each other, and when people need to communicate, it is time to put on the bridge-builder hat. It is time to learn new perspectives for the purposes of communicating.

Several things to understand about “Voice123 Feedback”:

It is NOT a learning tool in daily use

  • Yes, I said it. All you seem to learn from feedback is that your voice was not right for that job.
  • It exists because people have the desire to find out how they did, or even have a remote indication of what they need to “let go”.
  • It is completely understood. I do warn you though of “voice over hangover”; the process of letting concern over one audition ruin you for future auditions.

It is a learning tool in semi-annual use

  • If you keep getting slammed with Not Likely, and nothing changes over the course of six-months, it is time to evaluate what you are doing.
  • If you keep getting Finalist and do not get hired, and nothing changes over six-months, it is time to evaluate who you compete against.
  • If you are getting hired, and not getting feedback, you should not care about feedback.
  • If you are getting hired, and getting feedback, there are reasons for it.

Voice Seeker perspectives, from myself, as someone who has hired talent off the website before…What I rank with and why…


4 stars, is for the person who submits what I want to use, and they are perfect. Many times I prefer these people, too, to build my own shortlist. They look, sound, and read like a tight business. Friendly and human matters, too.


3 stars, is for the person who was right for the job, did something to get the attention of a listener, but may not be the first choice.


2 stars, is for the person I like, but something about him/her creates doubt in my mind. I also just like the person, and don’t know why. (By the way, it is not my job to tell you. My job is to pay whom I hire.)

Not Likely

1 star, is for the person that submitted and was just completely wrong for what was suggested. Usually, the copy reading was boring, and they did not sound like they wanted the job. They were not connected, audio quality was not there, and I saw from the way that they wrote that the person would be difficult to work with.

Never Again

0 stars, is for the person who knew they were wrong for it and submitted anyway. I posted a job on the website, you had the right to accept or decline, and you were not even remotely close to what was requested. Voice talent see “Wont Be Considered”. I have also seen this left when remarks sections of auditions indicated they did not like the job they were submitting for, but he/she was submitting anyway.


No ranking…for the person I REALLY like “just because”, but I have no desire to hurt anyone’s feelings. Trust me, it happens more than you realize.

1st out of…and why you should not care about it

If this were NASCAR or the Olympics, you would need to care. However, “1st out of” indicates who had the highest ranking, EVEN WHEN the ranking is negative. Aside, that section is not used in statistics. It is information for the wildly curious as to who was ranked highest:

About online feedback in general

The other day, I was talking to my dentist about his feedback page for his patients. I remarked how bold it was for a man who literally pulls teeth to offer a feedback page on Google! He told me, “One thing I found with websites is that most patients do not even bother to leave it. I also found the one’s who are negative usually had no problem with my work. They had a problem with ME. I cannot help, but think of online feedback as one big rumor mill, and I have my degrees on my wall to tell me I am experienced.” He then stopped a moment, and joked, “Ya’ really can’t listen to that stuff. There are some crazies out there. BUT, I will say I do pay attention to feedback if something turns into a recurring case. Then, I know it is more serious.” I do believe the same applies to voice talent, Voice123, and any business online. If you listen to each and every feedback, and react to it immediately, you will become consumed by online trolls. Spend several days reading feedback on Amazon or Yelp, and you start to notice something…

Ultimately, success is determined by no one else, but the person or business. Ignore critics, until it is time to listen, which is not easy to do in a “people pleasing” business, but that is where your steel gut-ability to take a punch comes from…knowing who and when to listen to, and why.